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Model Swimsuit Quiz

Which Supermodel Swimsuit Should Be in Your Swim Drawer?

Listen, I don't want to call myself a genius, but I'm getting pretty good at predicting which swimsuits the models will wear. Can I add that talent to my résumé? Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are clearly big fans of the high-rise bottom, whether featured on a one-piece or a bikini, and Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley seem to swear by certain trustworthy brands — Solid & Striped, Hunza G, and Fella Swim, to name a few. Maybe you've heard of them? Then there are the women who love to wear their designer hearts on their sleeves, even when it comes to swimwear. Irina Shayk and Naomi Campbell fall into this camp.

But how does your personal style match up with theirs? When it comes to Summer bikinigrams, would you say you always seem to be double tapping looks from the same models? Which bikinis make you stop and stare and whisper to yourself, "Damn, where did she get that suit?" By answering just five questions below, you'll arrive at the answer if you don't know it already. And hey, maybe your taste in swimsuits is changing and this quiz will lead you to a new, flattering swimsuit you've never tried before. Here's to iconic supermodels and new beginnings.

Whose Swimsuit Do You Want to Be Wearing?

Which Swimsuit Brand Do You Absolutely Love?

Which Best Describes Your Typical Summer Outfit?

A flirty leopard-print minidress.
A sophisticated black midi dress.
Logo board shorts, a white ribbed tank, and a bucket hat with gold hoops.
A matching co-ord set with chunky shoes.
Lightweight cargos with an unbuttoned island shirt.
Anything that shows off your midriff. You worked hard for these abs, baby!
Skinny jeans, open-toed sandals, and a boho blouse.
An electrifying dress (maybe something neon or tie-dye) and sneakers.
A make-them-look jumpsuit.

Which Summer Accessory Is Your Must Have?

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

A big family gathering where many selfies will be taken.
Hanging out with work friends for a glamorous brunch.
Chilling with your SO in the park. Your puppy can come, too.
Romantic date night and hanging poolside during the day.
An activity you really love, like horseback riding or jogging.
You'll be on the beach. You just have to find a friend and/or photographer to accompany you first.
A few work meetings plus tons of quiet family time.
A concert Friday, a shopping trip with your girls Saturday, and brunch on Sunday.
You're traveling yet again. Oops! You should be packing for your flight right now.
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