3 Cheers For Ariana Grande, Who Just Rewore the Famous 13 Going on 30 Dress

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What could be better than Ariana Grande kicking off her first live show for The Voice in Jenna Rink's vintage Versace dress? Quite frankly, nothing — and Donatella agrees. Grande and her stylist Mimi Cuttrell re-created everyone's favorite 13 Going on 30 moment in the custom design Jennifer Garner wore, even selecting similar drop chandelier earrings and some beaded bracelets.

"My gorgeous girl @arianagrande in Versace SS03 for her first The Voice live show!!! 🦋🧚," Donatella Versace wrote on Instagram, celebrating the repurposing moment on her feed. We're seeing more of this direction toward sustainability and the re-use of fabrics on the red carpet, with celebs borrowing from iconic fashion moments in history as both an homage and modern-day interpretation.

Ariana, who is launching her R.E.M. Beauty line and was also just announced to star in a movie adaptation of Wicked, has a lot to sing and dance about right now, and we can think of no better minidress that's worthy of a party. Ahead, reminisce about the nostalgic Versace look on screen and see how it's trickled down to retailers or small-owned businesses on Etsy for those wanting to get in on the costume just like Ariana Grande did (albeit at a more affordable price point).

Jennifer Garner Wearing the Versace Dress in 13 Going on 30
Everett Collection

Jennifer Garner Wearing the Versace Dress in 13 Going on 30

Ariana Grande Wearing the Versace Dress For The Voice