12 Everyday Tote Bags You'll Want to Carry Around 24/7

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If there's one thing in our closets that we can never get enough of, it's a quality bag. We love everything from a convenient crossbody to a bestselling oversized style. But out of all the silhouettes on the market, we always seem to gravitate toward a classic tote — and for good reason. Tote bags are so easy to throw everything into, and they're especially perfect to wear to the office, to the gym, or while traveling with a personal carry-on bag. The best part about these is you won't need to switch the style out day after day because the accessory is so versatile — they can go anywhere and be worn with just about anything.

Whether you're looking for a trendy tote bag or something simple and classic, you'll want to invest in an option that you're in love with and willing to wear on repeat. While there's certainly no shortage of great, everyday tote bags to splurge on for yourself, we've determined there are a few selects that really deserve a spot in your closet.

Ahead, we curated a guide for the 12 best tote bags for women that are stylish, practical, and perfect to invest in for daily wear. We've got affordable tote bags for work, the best designer handbags from brands like Marc Jacobs and Mansur Gavriel, and even Béis tote bags for travel that will keep you feeling supported (and stylish) on any adventure this year. We're talking everything from colorful and cool tote bags to canvas variations, useful totes with zippers on top, and even a POPSUGAR editor-loved style that makes for the perfect everyday tote. Keep reading to browse our selects!

— Additional reporting by Krista Jones

Best Overall Tote Bag

Best Overall Tote Bag

Dreubea Soft Faux-Leather Tote ($16, originally $26)

If you're looking for something that you can carry to the office every day and easily throw all of your essentials into (even when you're running out the door), then this affordable tote bag is the perfect accessory for you. The laptop tote bag is ideal for work, because it boasts enough interior space to hold all of your tech essentials, a planner, wallet, and more. Plus, similar to Amazon's other carryall bags, it's available to shop in dozens of colors, so you can find perfect style for you.

What we love: The feasible price tag makes it a great budget-buy, and we appreciate that it still looks incredibly luxe despite its affordability.

Who it's best for: This medium tote bag is great for anyone whose looking for a go-anywhere accessory that's designed to be worn 24/7 — whether that's to the airport, office, and beyond.

Who should avoid it: While this accessory is made from a faux-leather material, it's still much cheaper than other tote bag options. If you're looking to make more of an investment, you might be better off shopping out a higher-quality style.

The details: Colors: 50+ Material: Faux-leather Closure: Magnet

Best Tote Bag For Travel

Best Tote Bag For Travel

Cuyana Easy Tote ($268)

Few fashion labels are making handbags as timeless as Cuyana. The Meghan Markle-loved brand debuted this deep tote bag last year, and shoppers are already obsessed. Similar to Cuyana's other trendy tote bags, this style has a hybrid silhouette that's both soft yet structured, and it comes in several chic colors. Bonus: the accessory is also a POPSUGAR editor-favorite, as detailed in this Cuyana Easy Tote product review.

What we love: The bag's luxurious composition makes it feel super-elevated, while the wide variety of color options means you'll have the freedom to shop out the exact colorway you're looking for.

Who it's best for: Thanks to its deep design, this accessory is ideal for those who want something large enough to carry plenty of items in — like a laptop, wallet, makeup bag, and more.

Who should avoid it: This bag is incredibly squishy and soft, so those who prefer a more structured tote will be better off shopping out other options.

The details: Colors: 9 Material: Italian leather Closure: Zipper

Best Designer Tote Bag

Best Designer Tote Bag

Gucci Ophidia Large Tote Bag ($1,650)

Luxury meets practicality in this branded tote bag from Gucci. The large bag is made from a long-lasting canvas material designed to live in your closet for the long term. Beyond the accessory's spacious interior, we also love the nostalgic look of the piece, which features Gucci's timeless archival print all throughout.

What we love: The large tote bag is made from a canvas material that's designed to last and easy to clean.

Who it's best for: This classic tote bag is ideal for anyone looking to invest in a designer style that they know will outlast trends and be able to live in their closet for the longterm.

Who should avoid it: The hefty, over-$1,000 price tag requires a pretty big splurge and might not be ideal for everyone — particularly those shopping on a budget.

The details: Colors: 8 Material: Canvas Closure: None

Best Soft Carryall Tote Bag

Best Soft Carryall Tote Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Megan Soft Croc Embossed Leather Tote ($378)

This colorful accessory is a soft, flexible leather tote that makes it easy and comfortable to carry everything from your work laptop to your gym shoes and so much more. It comes in other hues, too, if you gravitate towards more muted and versatile shades. And with its fitted shoulder straps and slouched flair, it's truly one of the best designer tote bags you can own if you're looking for a style that seamlessly blends elegance with practicality.

What we love: Unlike other squishy tote bags, this variation boasts a clip-lock closure that helps to keep your essentials protected without limiting the amount of interior carrying space.

Who it's best for: The croc-embossed leather material is incredibly trendy at the moment, making it a great buy for those looking to experiment with different fashion trends.

Who should avoid it: This large tote bag has limited pocket space, so those who prefer a more organized travel bag might be better off investing in something with separate compartment spaces.

The details: Colors: 2 Material: Croc-embossed leather Closure: Clip-lock

Best Canvas Tote Bag

Best Canvas Tote Bag

Lands' End Open Top Canvas Tote Bag ($35)

If you're looking for an everyday tote that's practical, durable, and great for use outside, look no further than this top-rated style from Lands' End. This study tote bag is reportedly able to hold up to 500 pounds. We'd argue that this is one of the best canvas tote bags money can buy because of its customizable design, which allows users to monogram their own initials onto the accessory for a more personalized touch. Plus, the oversize bag also has the POPSUGAR editor mark of approval, as detailed in this Lands' End Open Top Beach Bag product review.

What we love: The personalization options mean you can make the tote bag your own or easily give it as a customized gift to a loved one.

Who it's best for: The bag is available to shop in several different heights and styles, so you can shop out the option that's best suited to your lifestyle.

Who should avoid it: While the accessory is super-cute, it's certainly not as stylish as some of the other designer tote bags on the market.

The details: Colors: 9 Material: Canvas Closure: Open or zip top

Best Structured Tote Bag

Best Structured Tote Bag

Marc Jacobs's The Medium Tote ($195)

Canvas bags are trending for 2023, and if you want a variation of the accessory that's both practical and unique, then you'll definitely want to upgrade to this style from Marc Jacobs. Few designer tote bags are more recognizable than this style. And while the accessory's traditional silhouette makes it perfect for an everyday look, we also love that it comes with a crossbody strap option — making it one of the best tote bags for travel, too!

What we love: The viral tote bag boasts a top handle design and also comes with an adjustable strap so you can style the accessory in a variety of different ways.

Who it's best for: This multifunctional accessory is ideal for those looking to get multiple styles packed into one singular piece.

Who should avoid it: It's a big pricier than some of the other canvas tote bags on the market, and therefore might not be ideal for anyone shopping on a budget.

The details: Colors: 4 Material: Canvas Closure: Top zip

Best Tote Bag For School

Best Tote Bag For School

MZ Wallace Medium Metro Deluxe Tote ($275)

Looking for a classic tote bag that you can take to and from school? We recommend this deep accessory from MZ Wallace. With its useful pockets and crossbody strap, the style would double as one of the best tote bags for college students or just people with longer school commutes. Not to mention the nylon material is also weather-proof, making it the ideal accessory to have on hand for those living in a rainier climate. Read our review of the MZ Wallace Metro Tote for more information.

What we love: The sleek nylon material feels cool to the touch and is easy to maintain, so it won't show wear as easily over time.

Who it's best for: People who travel often will appreciate the ample carrying space provided by this piece, along with the wide variety of interior compartments and zippered sections.

Who should avoid it: Despite its medium sizing, this bag is very large, and is therefore best suited as a travel or commuting bag rather than a classic everyday style.

The details: Colors: 2 Material: Nylon Closure: Zipper

Best Trendy Tote Bag

Best Trendy Tote Bag

Free People Sid Slouchy Vegan Tote ($88)

In terms of genuinely trendy tote bags that are stylish enough to be worn in any season or for any occasion, this Free People accessory takes the cake for being one of the best. The slouched tote boasts more of a relaxed design that makes it perfect for daytime wear or to carry in a more casual environment. If the sage green coloring isn't your preference, the oversize accessory is also available to shop in a variety of other colors, including tan, black, and more.

What we love: It comes in five unique colorways, including dusty blue, tan, and dried sage.

Who it's best for: The accessory is crafted from a vegan leather material that's durable and bound to make you feel as good as you look.

Who should avoid it: With "slouchy" quite literally in the name, you can bet this accessory lacks structure. If you'd prefer something that'll hold its shape, this deep tote bag might not be the best option for you.

The details: Colors: 5 Material: Vegan leather Closure: Zipper

Best Affordable Tote Bag

Best Affordable Tote Bag

H&M Straw Shopper ($30)

Of all the best tote bags you can shop online right now, this is definitely one of our favorites. The patterned accessory boasts a moody design that feels perfect for fall. Whether you're keen on accessories that are crafted with a fabric material, love a no-mess style, or just want something to pair with your favorite dress, this is definitely an everyday tote bag that's worth buying this season.

What we love: This shopper tote bag is the perfect commuter style thanks to its extra-large design and deep silhouette.

Who it's best for: Given that its crafted from a durable polyester material, we'd say this piece is great for those looking to buy an everyday bag that they can wear nonstop without fear of it getting damaged or dirty too quickly.

Who should avoid it: While the polyester material is durable, it's also much less comfortable than a classic canvas tote bag or any other fabric variation.

The details: Colors: 1 Material: Polyester Closure: Zipper

Best Leather Tote Bag

Best Leather Tote Bag

Zara Soft Shopper Bag ($40)

We couldn't love oversize, everyday tote bags any more if we tried. The accessory is just so timeless for wear in any season — as demonstrated by this piece from Zara. From the cozy interior lining to the relaxed silhouette (which gives the tote bag a more breathable design) and the bag's glossy, eye-catching wrap, there's so much to love about this piece.

What we love: Despite its polyurethane composition, the accessory is still relatively affordable compared to some of the other styles on the market.

Who it's best for: The sleek leather material is designed to last, so you can feel good knowing it'll be a staple in your closet for the longterm.

Who should avoid it: The tall tote bag lacks a ton of interior pocket space and might not be ideal for those looking to maximize on zippered compartment spaces.

The details: Colors: 1 Material: Polyurethane Closure: Open top

Best Tote Bag With Pockets

Best Tote Bag With Pockets

Dagne Dover Large Allyn Leather Tote ($360)

People are obsessed with this oversize style from Dagne Dover, and it's easy to see why. The brand always delivers with some of the best work bag with compartments, and this cool purse is no different. This style comes complete with plenty of useful pockets and a compartment design. Shoppers appreciate that they are specific spaces for everything from your laptop and water bottle, as well as a place to attach your keys so you don't lose them.

What we love: This accessory comes fitted with an interior laptop sleeve where you can safely store your computer and any other tech essentials.

Who it's best for: This practical tote bag is ideal for business travelers who take their tech essentials on the go and want to ensure an extra layer of protection for any of these valuables.

Who should avoid it: Because this travel tote bag is designed to hold your laptop with ease, it's on the longer side. Those hoping to invest in a more lightweight and cropped accessory might be better off buying something else.

The details: Colors: 3 Material: Leather Closure: Magnetic

Best Large Tote Bag: Clare V. Simple Tote

Best Large Tote Bag: Clare V. Simple Tote

Clare V. Simple Tote ($450)

Want a large tote bag option that you can carry two different ways? Go for this popular style from Shopbop. The chunky bag is a customer favorite, thanks to its roomy interior. We love the fun stripes and the fact that it comes with a convenient crossbody carrying strap, too. The accessory also doubles as being one of the best tote bags for work, thanks to the style's structured build and polished essence.

What we love: The style comes fitted with a removable shoulder strap, allowing you to toggle between carrying it like a classic handbag or throwing it over your shoulder as needed.

Who it's best for: With its ample interior space, strap variety, and structured frame, this is the ultimate everyday bag that's perfect for shopping, commuting, or even traveling abroad.

Who should avoid it: If you're someone whose accident-prone or just tends to cause messes wherever you go, we'd recommend avoiding this deep tote bag given its suede composition.

The details: Colors: 1 Material: Suede Closure: Magnetic snap