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Kit's Mom Cynthia Rowley on The Bachelor and Her Brand

Cynthia Rowley on Fashion, Kit's Experience on The Bachelor, and Matt James's Turtlenecks

Kit's Mom Cynthia Rowley on The Bachelor and Her Brand
Image Source: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley has become known for her playful prints, romantic dresses, and totally groovy wetsuits, which, in my opinion, put most bikinis to shame. Even though her brand has taken the smart turn toward a more approachable direct-to-consumer schedule, abiding by no fashion calendar, she's seeing a major boost in traffic lately, and it has everything to do with Bachelor Nation.

Her daughter Kit Keenan's appearance on Matt James's season was cause enough for search about the powerhouse duo, who also host a lifestyle podcast together called Ageless. "If you want to talk about a spike in engagement and traffic, it's always on Wednesdays," Cynthia Rowley confirmed, as we laughed about streaming The Bachelor the day after it airs on Hulu in order to avoid commercials. "The first time Kit noticed the traffic, she was like, 'what happened last night on a Wednesday?' I was like, 'Oh, everybody's watching The Bachelor on Hulu.' I knew about it. I mean, that's how it works!"

It's not at all surprising that fans of the hit reality TV show would be interested in someone like Kit — she and Rowley are extremely smart and strong women, both well-versed in the business of fashion. I chatted with Rowley about what's next for her brand and found out just how much Cynthia Rowley clothing Kit ended up wearing on TV, likely inducing major shopping envy for Bachelor Nation. Of course, I couldn't stop myself from asking the inevitable: "How do you feel about Matt James and all his turtlenecks?" Come on, I know you're chuckling.

Scroll down to read Cynthia's quotes on The Bachelor, Kit's sense of style, and the direction of her own company.

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