10 Disabled Fashion Content Creators to Follow on Instagram

Disabled people form part of the world's biggest minority, but despite the community's large size, these individuals are often shut out from the spotlight in their respective industries. The fashion industry, with its luxury runways and coveted exclusivity, is particularly guilty.

"I just love showing people that just because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't enjoy fashion just as much as everyone else," Sophie Bradbury-Cox, a disabled fashion content creator from the UK, said in her Instagram Story. Bradbury-Cox, an ardent fan of all things rainbow and leopard print, is one of many disabled influencers across the globe making strides for the visibility of disabled people in fashion, just like models Emily Barker and Aaron Rose Philip, who have worked with brands Moschino, Collina Strada, and Maisie Wilen during Fashion Week.

"There should be more than one disabled person in each show. Designers should include disabled people as a norm, not just a one-time thing, and they should make all of their stores, shoots, and runways accessible," Barker said to POPSUGAR in a 2021 interview.

Though much work remains to be done so disabled representation on runways and in modeling campaigns is the norm and not an exception, the influencers ahead are creating their own spaces for disabled people in fashion.

Scroll to learn more about how they're shaking things up while showcasing their unique senses of style and calling for representation. If you're in dire need of refreshing outfit inspiration on your Instagram feed, following these folks will definitely help you out there, too.

Sophie Bradbury-Cox

If you're looking to add some color and breathe life into the monotony of your feed, look no further than Sophie Bradbury-Cox. A fan of bright colors and busy prints, her style is the perfect mix of vivid and whimsical. You can often find her in fun sundresses and splashy patterns.


Rockahontaz or "Rocka" is the person to follow if you're trying to emulate Maddy Perez's iconic style on "Euphoria" and you just aren't sure where to start. With outfits characterized mainly by Y2K and street style influence, this creator does a great job of combining eclectic accessories (namely, purses and sunglasses) with chic yet stylish garments. Though her all-black ensembles are iconic, she's no stranger to wearing color, either.

Dana Spacewitchix

Dana Spacewitchix is a great person to follow if you're looking to explore darker aesthetics. Often pictured in black tones and long dresses, this creator's witchy-meets-edgy aesthetic has its own elegance about it. Recurring staples in her closet include corsets, wide-brim hats, harnesses, and chunky black footwear.

Amy Evans

Amy Evans is a lover of preppy clothes with bold pops of color and the occasional standout hat. She's a great person to follow if you're looking for inspiration for being matchy-matchy about your accessories or garments, sporting many a co-ord set.

Clara Holmes

Lifestyle content creator Clara Holmes constructs outfits that are polished yet vibrant, making her feed the perfect place to turn for last-minute vacation styling. In the winter, her outfits still retain their colorful joy, and though she loves patterns, her ensembles aren't too busy, which is great for folks hesitant to step outside their comfort zone when it comes to prints.

Aaron Rose Philip

Aaron Rose Philip, a famous model, is a fresh face for your feed. Her style, characterized largely by her graphic tees and pops of color, is on trend but boasts individuality nonetheless. Philip also frequently posts behind the scenes from her editorial shoots, which can serve as a great source of inspiration for those curious about the fashion industry.

April Lockhart

A proponent of clean beauty, Nashville-based April Lockhart has a sense for all things whimsical. She's just as likely to rock a technicolor sundress as she is a simple white blouse and jeans. When she does reach for a neutral color palette, she's sure to work in unique elements through accessories such as statement sunglasses or a shoulder bag. Lockhart's toned-down approach to styling will help you ease into playing with texture.

Keita Tokunaga

Japanese DJ and fashion content creator Keita Tokunaga is a great person to follow for edgier street style inspiration. He's often pictured wearing athleisure with pops of neon and the occasional hat to match. Chunky sunglasses and eclectic button-downs make for additional wardrobe staples.

Keely Bradley

Keely Bradley, a Melbourne-based fashion influencer, is a great person to follow if you're a fan of retro prints. Often wearing plaid or busy patterns, she does a great job of paring back strong graphics with muted items such as denim or neutral bottoms. Her style is on trend with the whims of Gen Z fashion, but she retains her personality through quirky styling choices.

Emily Barker

Model and artist Emily Barker's style is rooted in '90s grunge and embellished with all things thrifted, from secondhand fishing pants to eclectic Y2K-era sunglasses. Barker is a great influencer to turn to for print-mixing ideas or to learn how to better modernize your vintage treasures.