3 Easy Steps That Keep My Closet Organized Every Day of the Year

Having a packed, messy closet stresses me out. If I can't find something in the morning when I'm getting dressed, it ruins my day, but fortunately, I love to organize. Staying on top of my closet organization is no big deal for me, but I can totally understand it not being fun for everyone. Living in New York City, I have to take extra special care to keep my closet very tidy, because it's small to begin with. There are three really simple tips I keep in mind when looking at it, and if you're struggling to get organized, I think they can help you, too.

Consider Your Space, and Take Advantage of All of It

My closet is narrow but very tall, as with most of the space I've had while living in New York. It's for this reason that I have to be smart about the space and use it to my advantage. I use all the vertical space but in a way that makes sense. On the upper shelves of the closet, I have organization baskets and bins for bags and other accessories. On the floor, I have more storage under my clothes. A basket is used for miscellaneous items I can't find a home for, but it still keeps them contained.

Really think about the space you have, and find organization methods that work for that space. The plus side of a tall closet is that you can store more clothes underneath the ones that are hanging or even install a second hanging rod to hang items like shirts or skirts. There are also plenty of hanging storage pieces that you can hook onto the door or to the clothing rod.

Put Your Clothes Where It Makes Sense For You

I won't tell you quite exactly how to organize your clothes, but it's something you should think about. I have my most-worn clothes in the most accessible area of the closet and seasonal items tucked away. My sweaters live on the top shelf and come down during cold months. My dressier clothes are off to the side, and the everyday-wear is within reach at all times. Then I organize everything by color, so I can find things quickly.

Figure out what type of sorting makes sense for you. Maybe you want all your button-up shirts together, all the cardigans together, and all the tank dresses together. An organization system will save you time in looking for a specific item you want to wear. If you have the space to rotate your clothes seasonally, this will also help keep them more organized and keep the unnecessary clothes out of the way. I don't have room for a full rotation, but I make do with just putting the bulkiest sweaters away during the summer.

Be Liberal About Getting Rid of Things — but Not Hasty

I try to hold myself to this: for every thing I buy, I try to donate one thing in its place. This way my closet never gets too full, and I'm continuing the cycle of donating clothes I don't wear as much anymore. However, I try not to be hasty when I decide to donate something. I have an ongoing donation bag that I only donate when full, which means it collects for several months. This allows me to change my mind if I decided to donate something on a whim. I've definitely regretted things I quickly decided to get rid of, so I give myself ample time to decide if I'm making the right decision.