Outfit Obsession: J Lo's Throwback '90s Outfit Is My Weekend Look of 2020

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Truth be told, I have been modeling all my at home outfits after this Jennifer Lopez throwback look, perhaps without knowing it. She wore this longline cardigan, buttoned only at the top, over a pair of silk lounge pants at ShoWest '96 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Either the image has been subconsciously planted in my head in a dream or this minimalist, monochrome loungewear style is just back again, plain and simple. While Jennifer opted for a soft lilac set, I'm now determined to find matching cardis for all my satin trousers in every color of the rainbow.

"This effortless mood is so my move."

J Lo's loose pants skimmed the floor, but still allowed us a peek at her heeled sandals and lavender metallic toe polish — this being a beauty move we'd see carried right into the early aughts. There's no denying that the silhouette of a cardigan that's extended a few inches, flowing right over the hips, elongates the frame — especially when part of a monochrome ensemble. While I might be wearing my makeshift coordinates with slippers and a lacy bralette that peeks out ever-so-slightly from my neckline, this effortless mood is so my move. How about a round of applause for some A+ J Lo fashion nostalgia?

J Lo's Cardigan + Silk Pants Combo
Getty | Ron Galella

J Lo's Cardigan + Silk Pants Combo