Lady Gaga Is "Influencing" Fans to Vote by Sharing a Little Election Outfit Inspiration

If you're eligible to vote but haven't yet done so, do you have a plan? And if you have a plan, do you have an outfit? As part of her ongoing work encouraging people to participate in the crucial presidential election on Nov. 3, Lady Gaga has kicked off a new #ServeThePolls Instagram Reels challenge prompting fans to model their voting outfits.

Set to "Sour Candy," her collaboration with Blackpink, the fun video has Gaga wearing three (very distinct) voting looks. In her first, she's wearing Blackpink merch and the mesmerizing, electronic mask she wore during her recent MTV VMAs performance. In another, she's wearing a sexy Bandier loungewear set with luxe accessories — all of which feel very plucked from the Kardashian style playbook. The real showstopper, however, is Gaga's custom Michael Ngo winged bolero featuring the word "vote" in sparkly, unmissable letters.

Gaga wrote in her caption, "I hope this Halloween I'm influencing you... to GET TO THE POLLS!!" Her hope is that Instagram users will use the same "Sour Candy" audio and offer their own stylish, #ServeThePolls runway walks — in addition to, of course, voting early, in person, or by dropping off your absentee ballot at your designated polling site or ballot box.