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The Major Fashion Trends of the 2010s Decade

How the 2010s Reshaped Style: From Influencer Culture to New, Fluid Ways of Expressing Identity

The 2010s were a pretty wild ride: we went from being "woke" and engaging in online activism to building walls, Brexit, and back again. And while these were very strange political times, we also discovered radical new ways of being and expressing our identities, both online and IRL. Each major cultural shift of the past 10 years framed the most iconic, era-defining fashion moments of the '10s.

To wrap up this decade, we've focused on six major ideas that defined this era in style: Influencer culture, inclusivity and fluidity, the rise of the reality star, streetwear going haute couture, the Korea effect, and how to create a more sustainable, transparent fashion industry. Ahead, we break down each of these six epic cultural shifts and how they shaped the '10s, from expanding fashion norms to challenging ideals.

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