I Live in Neutrals; Here Are 50+ Outfits I've Saved on Instagram For Inspiration

A neutral outfit might not seem like the most inspired idea when it comes to getting dressed, but as a bona-fide neutral addict, I can tell you how much impact a muted outfit can have. When sticking to colors like black, brown, gray, ivory, navy, and beige, you have a huge opportunity to experiment with layers, textures, and silhouettes without feeling like you're going overboard. For me personally, I somehow always feel like I'm overdoing it if I mix and match brighter colors and prints. But when I do so with a subdued palette, I'm so much more willing to try an outfit formula I haven't worn before (right now, sportier pieces like sweatshirts and sneakers are on my list of things to try as an offset to my tailored and feminine staples), embrace different accessories (the "ugly" shoe trend being one I'm currently obsessed with), and experiment with statement-making shapes and materials like a superoversize blazer or a leather dress. Don't get me wrong, I love to try trends and put new colors and prints to the test. It's just a lot easier for me to piece together a good outfit when it's grounded in neutrals.

Another reason I love neutral colors? The versatility! I live for wardrobe basics like tees, jeans, and slip dresses because they make a hurried morning a little more manageable. I know I can throw on any of these items in pretty much any combination with a cool shoe, a great bag, and a piece of jewelry and look put-together. Since I tend more minimalist with my aesthetic, I also know that when I buy a new item, be it an investment piece or affordable find, it will instantly jive with the rest of my wardrobe and, most likely, last in my closet a long time.

Since I stick to neutrals on most days, I know how easy it is for fatigue to set in. So I've rounded up 50-plus outfits I saved in my "styling inspiration" folder on Instagram with the hope that it will help spark new outfit ideas the next time you're taking good old neutrals for a spin. From tailored to sporty and feminine, tons of inspiration lies ahead.

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