From Elle Woods to Barbie, Steal These 30 Pink Halloween Costume Ideas

The color pink naturally lends itself to bold, eye-catching Halloween costumes. The shade has been trending all year, thanks in no small part to Valentino's fall 2022 collection, which centered on a single hue: fuchsia (rebranded as Valentino Pink PP by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli). From Lizzo to Dua Lipa, a notable number of celebrities have embraced the "Barbiecore"-inspired runway looks, heralding the color — in all its varied shades — as one with serious staying power.

Whether it's because of the color's brightness and vibrancy or its common association with love and self-love, a touch of pink almost always adds a positive, uplifting spin to your outfit. So, for Halloween this year, why not embrace all the fun-loving, life-of-the-party pink costumes (and even decor)? Whether it be Elle Wood's notorious pink outfits in "Legally Blonde," a Barbie-core inspired Playboy bunny look or a simple pink Crayola crayon costume, there's a pink costume for every personality type. The best part? Whether it's a light pink bodysuit, blush pumps, or a fuchsia top, you likely own a few of these pieces already. Do a quick closet inventory and set aside the clothes and accessories that are on theme.

If you're in a DIY mood, pick up some pink supplies from your local store to complete your look. Forget the black and orange this Halloween and opt for pink instead — from Elle Woods to a ballerina, you'll find a myriad of ideas ahead.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Shelcy Joseph


Elle Woods From Legally Blonde

What, like it's hard? Transform into Elle Woods this Halloween with a pink leather jacket and pants. Add sunglasses and a dog to complete the look.


Pink Lady From Grease

Pick up a pink jacket that says "Pink Lady" on it (found at any Halloween store) and throw on some black pants, shades, and a pink bow to complete it. The matching dog also helps to really sell the 'fit.


Pink Witch

Who said witches had to wear all black? Give the traditional witch uniform a sweet upgrade with some a pink tulle bow and flower-embellished hat.


Rapunzel From Tangled

Want to live out your princess fantasies? Put together a royally inspired look with a ruffle top with poofy sleeves and a floor-sweeping skirt. And don't forget Rapunzel's long hair — that's the most essential part.


Pink Fairy

The key to becoming a fairy is to look as mystical as possible, meaning you need all the glitter. Anything shiny and lightweight will do the trick, like a shimmery off-the-shoulder top or dress. The pointed ears are a must, too.


Regina George From Mean Girls

Regina may have gotten hit by a bus, but she still looked fabulous at the prom. Recreate the memorable movie moment with a pink dress and a black headset (which can be DIY'd using cardboard and black spray paint).


Rollerblade Barbie

Any Barbie outfit will do, but this rollerblade Barbie suit is one that's also a workout. Pink wheels, a velvet two piece, and pink knee and elbow pads (for protection!) will round out this on-theme costume.


A League of Their Own

This costume is one that you'll want to do with others if possible. Gather your friends and create a memorable costume inspired by the iconic movie with pink button-up blouses and skirts, finished off with baseball bats and caps, of course.



This outfit looks so cozy, and that's a major bonus on Halloween. Pick up a onesie to keep it simple or decorate your face using bright, playful makeup and a unicorn headband.


Queen of Hearts

The babydoll dress, the crown, the adorable queen of hearts cutout — we can't get enough of this sweet costume that channels a classic card game.


Frenchy From Grease

How could we not include Frenchy? She was dressed in pink from head to toe. Pink hair, a pink dress, and a pink cardigan will give you Frenchy's classic beauty school look.


Pink Loofah

Loofahs come in all sorts of colors, but the pink one is our favorite, tbh. Line a whole bunch of tutus onto your body to give off that loofah look, and then add a piece of rope or a white belt to mimic the "string."


'80s Workout Teacher

Ah, the '80s . . . their workout outfits were pretty much costumes all their own. This pink-on-pink look is ideal for Halloween because you can easily move around and stay warm. Just pick up a pink one-piece, add a pink jacket, and top off with the leg warmers.


Pink Power Ranger

You can take on anything in this empowering outfit. Just don't forget your helmet and all the other accessories for a head-to-toe ensemble fit for saving the world.



As long as you have a tutu, you're golden (or should I say . . . pink?). You don't even need ballet shoes for this look — just wear some no-show ankle socks and it's visually the same thing.


Cotton Candy

If you don't find a cotton candy costume at your local Halloween store, a strapless pink dress paired with pink flats and a pink scarf or headband can give the same effect. And for your accessory of choice? A bundle of actual cotton candy, of course.


Pink Mouse

She's a mouse, duh. Scurry around on Oct. 31 as a mischievous little pink mouse by wearing a pink tube top dress, mouse ears, and a pink bow.


Princess Peach

Become the best Mario Kart character (in our humble opinion) by wearing a pink dress, crown, and blonde wig. White tights and opera-length gloves will complete the video game-inspired costume.



This costume is a piece of cake — literally. Cut out three tiers of cardboard, paint them white, and decorate each layer pink. Add straps over the top part and you suddenly have a wearable pastry.



Another onesie for the win. This pig costume will keep you nice and warm on a chilly Halloween night. Bonus points: Go all out and color your hair pink or invest in a pink wig.


'50s Sock Hop Attendee

Show up to Halloween like you're attending a sock hop in the 1950s with this iconic outfit. A poodle skirt with a striped or collared shirt achieves the retro vibe. Add classic saddle shoes for the ultimate fashion throwback.


Nebula From "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century"

To become Zenon's BFF you're going to need some pink tights, a pink long sleeve, and then a purple skirt and vest. As for your hair, two pigtails wrapped in silver thread adds the finishing touch.


Easy-Bake Oven

Throw it back to your childhood with this hilarious, oh-so nostalgic Easy-Bake Oven costume. Paint a cardboard box as an Easy-Bake Oven, hang some string around it, and consider your outfit complete.


Ziggy Stardust

This outfit portrays Ziggy Stardust, a character created by David Bowie. The combination of pink-on-pink details, from the guitar to the combat boots, fits the theme perfectly.


Bubble Gum

Grab a pink shirt out of your closet, write the words "bubble gum" in sharpie on the front, and staple pink balloons all over. It's the essential last-minute costume idea for all you procrastinators out there.



Float around Halloween this year as a jellyfish. The key to this costume? The tentacles, naturally. We highly suggest using streamers from the party store to make them.


Minnie Magnifique

If you've ever been to the Magic Kingdom's Storybook Circus in Walt Disney World, you know about Pete's Silly Sideshow. It's a meet and greet that features all sorts of Disney characters, including Minnie as Minnie Magnifique. Dress the part in a polka dot pink dress, Disney ears, and feathers.



Pay homage to the one and only Queen Bey by recreating her Coachella performance look: a pink hoodie, denim shorts, sparkly boots, and a half-up, half-down blonde hairstyle.

Princess Peach
Everett Collection

Princess Peach

For a pink-gown costume, dress up as Princess Peach from Mario Brothers. Add elbow-length white gloves and a crown and you'll be all set.