39 Warm Halloween Costumes For the Cold: Britney Spears, Cruella de Vil, and More

While certain Halloween costumes risk catching a chill on your evening out, there are plenty of well-known characters you can be that require piling on the layers. Whether it's a Disney villain known for their signature cocoon coat or long cape or a celebrity who's partial to wearing cozy pieces (i.e. Billie Eilish's stylish designer tracksuits or Ariana Grande's oversize hoodie), your shopping will be minimal when it comes to DIYing any of the looks ahead.

One method of dressing warmly on Halloween involves starting with a key item and researching some recognizable costumes that depend on that piece. For example, if you have a big, glamorous furry coat to utilize, you may want to consider being Chanel Oberlin from "Scream Queens" or Margot Tenenbaum from "The Royal Tenenbaums." If your go-to fall jacket is shearling, Penny Lane from "Almost Famous" or Britney Spears's iconic "Dump Him" street style moment could be calling your name.

On the other hand, it can be easy to stay in character while piling on accessories to keep you snug. You can wear a palm-print maxi dress over nude tights and a long-sleeved bodysuit to emulate Jennifer Lopez's renowned Versace moment at the Grammys without anyone questioning what you're going for. And you could trade in your spandex sports set for a colorful nylon tracksuit with high socks and still pull off the '80s workout enthusiast with ease.

Ahead, check out 39 ideas for staying warm on Halloween.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


Britney Spears in a "Dump Him" Tee

There's no other way to say it: this is one of Britney Spears's most iconic looks. Find a camel-colored jacket with shearling, wear a baby-blue tee with the words "dump him" on it, and sport your favorite sweatpants or other early-aughts silhouette. Not only will you be comfortable, but you'll also stay pretty toasty.


Cruella de Vil

Throw on your most luxurious white faux-fur coat and black dress, then swipe on some red lipstick. The key to this costume is the bigger the coat, the better. Carry around a stuffed dog, or use your own pet dog as an accessory.


Michael and Janet Jackson

Make your go-to leather jacket a part of your costume by dressing up as Michael and Janet Jackson. For Janet, go with a black jacket that you can give the "Rhythm Nation" treatment and channel Michael in "Thriller" with a red-leather option.


Kylo Ren From Star Wars

Tights, a long-sleeved dress, and a warm cape will turn you into a chic version of Kylo Ren from Star Wars in no time at all. Complete your outfit with gloves and boots if the weather dips.


Santa Claus

This traditional outfit can keep anyone warm in December, so you better believe it will keep you warm on Halloween. A big red jacket, red pants, and a fuzzy hat are all you need to make this look complete.



An oversize flannel shirt is the main article of clothing you need to be a scarecrow. If you're somewhere really chilly, make sure to get one that's made with heavy fabric. Pair that with a straw hat and overalls, and you'll be ready to take things outside.


'80s Workout Girl

Colorful, cute, and comfortable, you can't go wrong dressing up as an '80s workout girl. You'll need a bright workout set, a pair of sweats, and a large scrunchie. If you're really feeling it, you can add blue eyeshadow and leg warmers.


Anna From "Frozen"

It only makes sense to have a "Frozen" character on this list. Anna knows how to brave the cold, and she does so in the most striking attire. Wear a long, warm skirt with a long-sleeved teal and black shirt. Then, find your warmest cranberry-colored coat.



You can style this look in a variety of different ways, but our favorite is by pairing a leopard-print dress with a heavy, long-sleeved black turtleneck or shirt. Complete the look with leopard ears and comfortable black boots.


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is known for her oversize sweatshirt looks, and damn, do they look warm. Find a bright-pink oversize sweatshirt, and pair it with black leggings or knee-high black boots. Make sure to re-create her high ponytail and winged liner, and add a lollipop as your accessory.


Sugarplum Fairy

Wear a fluffy white robe and sparkly headpiece, and finish the look with pastel eye makeup in powdery shades.


Alexis and Moira Rose From "Schitt's Creek"

Dress to impress when you copy these "Schitt's Creek" looks. Wear a long-sleeved floral dress for Alexis (you can pair it with a scarf if you get chilly), and wear an all-black ensemble for Moira. The more intricate, the better.


Baby Yoda

Green tights, a brown sweater, and green gloves will turn you into The Child in no time. If you're in a colder climate, feel free to wear a large brown coat over your sweater to really stay warm.


Roxanne From "A Goofy Movie"

As long as you have the makeup and hair down, you can become P.J.'s love interest in moments. And the makeup, while colorful, doesn't look too hard, either. As for the outfit, you can wear a cozy black sweater dress or a long-sleeved turtleneck and jeans. Done and done.


Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish rocks oversize looks all the time, meaning dressing up as her for Halloween is bound to be comfortable. Wear a co-ord flannel or sweatsuit, and top it off with a baggy jacket if you need an extra layer for warmth.


Kim Possible

Kim Possible rocks cool camo pants with a black long-sleeved shirt, and you can, too. If you're cold, you can add a black jacket over your outfit.


Archie From "Riverdale"

Throw on your best letterman jacket, a casual tee, and jeans to transform into Archie from "Riverdale." Make sure to sport his red hair color, too.


Nebula From "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century"

To become the best friend of Zenon, it's important that your space outfit is on point. A pink bodysuit, warm leggings, and a purple vest and skirt pull it all together. Bonus points if you do the hair and fanny pack, too.


Penny Lane From "Almost Famous"

If you have a long, shearling jacket, you're already halfway to becoming Penny Lane. Cool, retro sunglasses and flared pants will make your look complete.


The Terminator

Easy and simple, being the Terminator is about as cool as it gets. Wear a black leather jacket with a black shirt and pants, and pair your look with dark sunglasses or draw on cool face makeup. Your work here is done.


Slytherin Student

A white collared shirt, green striped tie, and black blazer will turn you into a Slytherin student from Harry Potter in no time. If there's a chill on Halloween, you can throw on a big, black coat instead of a blazer.


Margot Tenenbaum From "The Royal Tenenbaums"

If you've ever dreamed of wearing Margot Tenenbaum's fabulous fur coat, then there's no better time than Halloween. Luckily, the outfit is fairly easy to pull off. Slip into a striped dress, oxfords, and your faux-fur jacket, and you're set. Once you have that pieced together, just clip one side of your hair with a barrette or two, add eyeliner, and carry a fake cigarette.


Klaus Hargreeves From "The Umbrella Academy"

A long black trench coat, skinny jeans, and a fitted vest will turn you into Klaus. Rock tousled hair, black eyeliner, and a dog-tag necklace to make this look come to life.


Anna Wintour

Fashion is what defines this cool costume. Be Anna Wintour by wearing a chic coat with big sunglasses, carrying your finest purse, and rocking the editor in chief's classic bob hairstyle.


Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world do you get a Carmen Sandiego costume? As long as you have a red trench coat and a red hat, then you've got one. Complete the look with black gloves and a scarf if it's chilly out.



A Halloween classic, being a witch is just about as timeless as it gets. Wear a long black dress, and pair it with a matching black coat if the temperature dips. Grab a witch hat, and wear dark makeup to complete the look.


Chanel Oberlin From "Scream Queens"

The more over the top, the better. Be Chanel by wearing a fuzzy pink coat, a black skirt, and heels. You can add tights if you get cold.


Sansa Stark From "Game of Thrones"

A fuzzy gray coat, a gray or black long-sleeved shirt, and pants will turn you into Sansa Stark. Pull back a couple pieces of hair or copy her iconic braid to make this costume come to life.


Rue From "Euphoria"

Head into your closet and pick out an oversize red zip-up, wear it over an oversize graphic tee with black sneakers, and keep your hair slightly undone. Then, just find yourself a Jules.


Jennifer Lopez's Versace Dress

While J Lo's iconic Versace dress from the 2000 Grammys does reveal skin, if you come across a long-sleeved dress with a palm print, you can always wear tights for added warmth or a nude-colored bodysuit underneath the maxi.


Teen Wolf

Scary, spooky, and totally easy, dressing up as a werewolf for Halloween is a one-and-done kind of costume. Add a varsity jacket and jeans to your long wild hair, and you're ready to howl in the moonlight.


Little Red Riding Hood

All you really need to convince as Little Red Riding Hood is an XL red cape. Wear it over a long-sleeved dress with a red lip, warm tights, and boots to stay extra warm.


Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Turn these cute characters into cold-weather icons when you copy these cool looks. Find a bright-yellow pair of sweats for Pooh, and pair them with a warm red sweater. Piglet's look only consists of pink, so find a matching sweatsuit, and you're set.


Woody From "Toy Story"

A yellow long-sleeved flannel with blue jeans and brown cowboy boots are all you need to become this "Toy Story" character. Top off your look with a cowboy hat and a cow-print vest.


Clark Kent

Save the day all while staying warm this holiday when you dress up as Clark Kent. Find a nice pair of dress pants, put on a Superman shirt underneath a white button-down, and make sure you're wearing glasses. If you're cold, you can just toss on a jacket over your button-up.


Back From the Dead

Splatter a white long-sleeved shirt and jeans with fake blood, wear white zombie-inspired contacts, and attach fake spiders to your outfit. The result? This chilling back-from-the-dead look. You can wear a black peacoat over your outfit if you're cold, and it'll make you look that much hotter.


Plague Doctor

Be a historic plague doctor by wearing a large black overcoat, a top hat, and a Venetian long-nose mask. This costume is sure to give people chills.


Neville Longbottom From Harry Potter

Throw on an elaborately patterned cardigan, a button-down shirt, and jeans and carry a blood-stained sword to pull off this Harry Potter character. Bonus points if you have a large fake snake.


Princess Leia From Star Wars

Rather than wearing an airy white dress, you can actually bundle up to be Princess Leia in a cozy turtleneck, thick pants, fuzzy shearling boots, and a quilted vest. As long as you're wearing neutrals and your hair is fastened up properly, you'll pull off the look easily.