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10-Minute, No-Jumping Cardio Workout For Apartments

This 10-Minute, Apartment-Friendly Workout Is SO Quiet (You're Welcome, Neighbors!)

One of the most difficult things about trying to work out at home when you live in an apartment is finding a way not to annoy your downstairs neighbors. (If you live on a first floor, consider yourself lucky!) Every time I attempt cardio in my third-floor living room, I worry that it sounds like I'm gonna bust through the floor, mostly because every time my upstairs neighbor moves around, it sounds like she's gonna bust through my ceiling. This quick HIIT workout from Maddie Lymburner solves that problem for all of us apartment dwellers.

In just 10 minutes and with no extra equipment, you can get in a great workout while making virtually no noise at all. The no-jumping HIIT workout has a series of intervals, and with it taking so little time, you can fit it into your day pretty easily. Lymburner recommends starting the sweat sesh with a quick warmup and ending with a cooldown as well, and all of it can be done without bothering your neighbors. Check out her YouTube channel for even more apartment-friendly workouts, including full body and abs. You just need a little bit of space to spread out, and you're good to go.

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