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Review: 100-Burpee Workout From Funk Roberts

Here's What Happened When I Tried a 100-Burpee Workout Challenge

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Am I a burpee-lover? No. But for the sake of journalism — and my goal to incorporate more compound movements into my workouts — I tried Funk Roberts's "Ultimate Burpee Workout Challenge." It features 10 rounds of three different exercises, and each round begins with 10 burpees. Yes, 10 rounds of 10 burpees equates to 100 burpees total. Though I wasn't thrilled, I was determined.

Roberts is a certified MMA conditioning coach and master metabolic trainer with a background in professional sports. He describes this high-intensity workout as metabolic resistance training for muscle growth. "We're building a bit of muscle, we're taxing the endurance, we're doing everything here, and we're having fun," he says mid video.

The roughly 25-minute workout, seen ahead, requires a set of dumbbells and an open space. I also recommend a yoga mat.

Trying the 100-Burpee Workout

This was an advanced, heart-pumping, full-body workout that left me noticeably sore the following day. I felt the moves in my core and upper body the most, but the beginning rounds did work my legs with squats and lunges. Those next-day aches radiated from my shoulders down to my calves.

While Roberts performed "bear burpees" for all 10 rounds — similar to a squat thrust with a jump — I got through the first five rounds doing either burpees or chest-to-ground burpees without the full push-up. Then, I switched to the squat thrust-with-jump variation for the remaining rounds. I also opted to do the separate set of push-ups in round four from my knees, and I encourage you to make modifications as needed too.

I'm always ready for a challenge, and I appreciated how difficult the workout was. Even with the included short breaks, I was continuously trying to catch my breath. Roberts, who admits to struggling through the workout of his own creation, advises at the end to choose heavier dumbbells, move faster, or add a weighted vest next time. While I may not take him up on that offer, I'll consider tackling this routine — or metabolic training in general — more often.

If you want to try the workout sans Roberts, do the 10 rounds by yourself using the chart below. He goes a bit fast during the push-ups and weighted arm exercises in the video, so doing the sweat session without him might suit you better. And if you're a fan of his workout, give our four-week 100-burpee challenge a go.

Round Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3
Round 1 10 burpees 20 basic squats 60 alternating flutter kicks total (30 each side)
Round 2 10 burpees 30 alternating forward lunges total (15 each side) 20 wide crunches
Round 3 10 burpees 30 alternating reverse lunges total (15 each side) 20 reverse crunches
Round 4 10 burpees 30 push-ups 20 bicycles total (10 each side)
Round 5 10 burpees 20 alternating bicep curls total (10 each side) + 14 alternating hammer curls total (7 each side) 20 butterfly crunches
Round 6 10 burpees 30 chest presses 20 bicycles total (10 each side)
Round 7 10 burpees 20 triceps kickbacks total (10 each side) 60 alternating flutter kicks total (30 each side)
Round 8 10 burpees 30 bent-over rows total (15 each side) 20 reverse crunches with legs raised (he calls these hip raises)
Round 9 10 burpees 10 chest presses + 20 alternating single-arm chest presses total (10 each side) 40 heel touches total (20 each side)
Round 10 10 burpees 10 alternating front shoulder raises total (5 each side) + 10 lateral raises 40 alternating flutter kicks total (20 each side)
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