This 30-Minute Standing HIIT Workout Doesn't Contain a Single Plank

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Join celebrity trainer and wellness coach Jenna Willis as she leads you through a 30-minute standing HIIT workout alongside class members Chelsey Cioli and Jai Jordan. In this routine, you'll start off with a quick warmup and build up the intensity with standing crossbody crunches, squats, long jumps, and so much more. This workout is all standing and completely bodyweight, so you can do this from anywhere — no mat or clean floor needed. And, yup, that means there's not a single plank — so it's a great option if planks or floor work hurts your wrists. Ready? Get ready to challenge your endurance, mobility, balance, and strength.

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Willis's outfit: Varley. Cioli's outfit: Uniqlo. Jordan's outfit: Splits59.