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55-Pound Weight Watchers Transformation

Starting at 279 Pounds, Abby Dropped 55 Pounds β€” Proof That Weight Watchers Works!

It was a photo that did it for Abby. Seeing the picture on the left from her best friend's wedding, she says, "All I could think about was my arm!! I am so damn critical of myself. Ugh. That night was so much fun, but I couldn't enjoy it all because my weight held me back." Shopping for that dress, she felt self-conscious anyway, but then not liking how she looked in it was part of the motivation that Abby needed to start taking better care of herself and to begin her weight-loss journey.

With a starting weight of 279.6 pounds in December of 2016, with the help of Weight Watchers, Abby is now 224 pounds β€” down 55.6 pounds total! She says, "Flash forward to today, I totally see a difference in my arm! And my waist for sure. . . Today, I'm weighing in at 224 and couldn't be happier with myself ❀️." Her goal weight is 141 pounds and aside from following Weight Watchers, she also feels grateful for the support and encouragement from other inspiring Instagram accounts β€” she says "I ain't stopping now."

Aside from the physical changes, Abby also feels better emotionally, saying, "When I started this journey, I was still stuck in 'I hate my body' mode. I honestly didn't ever think I would get over it. I am not there yet, but I love myself a little more each day."


Learning to be comfortable in your skin takes time, especially when you have a history of negative body image. Abby says, "I am slowly learning that I need to fix my mind just as much as I need to lose weight." Start giving yourself compliments, start celebrating your successes, no matter how small, and start showing yourself the love you so freely give to others.

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