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APL Lavender TechLoom Phantom Sneakers

We're Full-Blown, Stage 5 Clinger Obsessed With These Lavender APLs

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While we may never in the foreseeable future ever get over blush pink or rose gold, there is a new color in town that's been stealing our hearts in 2017, and our affinity is only growing stronger day by day. We're talking, of course, about lavender.

We gasped audibly when we got wind that APL dropped new colors for Fall, but when we finally caught sight of these pale lavender beauties, it took every fiber of our being just to keep our sh*t together and not have a full-blown meltdown in the office. Our favorite sneaker met our favorite color, and the outcome was nothing less than perfection. YOU WILL BE ON OUR INSTAGRAMS, LAVENDER APLS.

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The APL TechLoom Phantom in faded lavender ($165) is a tad more saturated than it looks on the website (closer to the appearance of the photos here from APL's Instagram), with the same snug fit of the TechLoom Phantom style you've come to love. And if you haven't tried APL yet, now's your chance: go and get yourself a pair of these. You'll look so fly in the gym! Make all your friends jealous! Get back at your ex! Wait, what?


They're calling your name...#APL

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