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Adidas UltraBoost Review

I Have Shin Splints, and I Just Found My New Favorite Running Shoes

There's something uniquely terrible about the pain of shin splints; when you feel them coming, you have to stop whatever activity you're doing almost immediately. I developed them a few years ago, and while I wasn't exactly an avid runner before, shin splints made me completely terrified to pick it back up. I needed a new athletic shoe to take me to and from my Pilates and Spin classes, and I really tried on the Adidas UltraBoosts ($180) because I thought they were cute. The design is minimal and sleek, but still athletic enough not to be mistaken for a purely streetwear shoe. When I tried them on, though, my whole world changed.

These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. The PrimeKnit material hugs your foot without suffocating it, and the sole is so soft, your foot feels like it's walking on a cloud. I insisted on wearing them out of the store and subsequently tried to see how many different outfits I could pair with them. But the real test came a few weeks later when a Barry's Bootcamp-obsessed friend asked me to come to class with him. I don't remember why I said yes, but I do remember expecting it to be painful. Spoiler alert: it wasn't. I mean, I was sore for two days after class, but I ran for 30 minutes with no shin splints in my new shoes. Eager to learn whether this was a fluke or not, I started running more consistently, and as of right now, I haven't been in pain. Adding a new form of exercise to my routine has made me stronger and more confident. The only thing I'm sad about is that I hadn't discovered this shoe earlier!

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Adidas UltraBoost Review
Adidas UltraBoosts
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