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Best Advice For Losing Weight

Real-Girls Guide to Losing Weight

Whether you've just hopped on the train to weight loss or you've been riding the journey for some time, a little inspiration and helpful tips can make all the difference in keeping you on track. And who better to get advice from than those who are on the same healthy path? We asked our Facebook community to share the best weight-loss advice — you're sure to appreciate their heartfelt and effective tips.

  1. The first thing to do is to make a change and don't look back. "Start! Talking never lost a pound!" said Cathy.
  2. Set small, reasonable, and attainable goals; these add up and make a big difference in the long run.
  3. Motivate yourself by finding ways to celebrate your victories!
  4. Everything in moderation. "Balance is key. Depriving yourself of everything you love only leads to binges later," said Erica.
  5. Put it down on paper! Plan out your meals, snacks, and workouts, too.
  6. Don't be afraid to sweat! Do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio five times a week, and vary your workouts.
  7. Some said to count calories, while others said to just eat smaller portions. What was clear was keeping an eye on the foods you eat.
  8. Don't worry about the number on the scale (John said to throw it out!); just focus on being healthy and moving every day.
  9. Slow and steady wins the race! Take it one day at a time. Aim for a pound or two a week.
  10. The 80/20 diet was key for Paty. "Follow an 80/20 plan for the week so 20 percent of the time you can 'treat' yourself and 80 percent of the time, you are good."
  11. Do it for yourself and no one else.
  12. Cardio isn't enough; strength training will change the way you look.
  13. Kate makes an excellent point: "Remember to focus on the best version of your body, not anyone else's."
  14. It's amazing how many people said to "eat clean" and "drink lots of water."
  15. Always have healthy snacks on hand; Anna said, "embrace fruits and vegetables as snacks."
  16. Andrea said, "Hold yourself accountable but have fun and stay positive!" Along the same lines, Teresa shared, "Be consistent and be kind to yourself."
  17. Get enough sleep.
  18. Jessica had some excellent advice we totally agree with. "Make it about a lifestyle change vs. a temporary fix." Find healthy foods and exercise that you enjoy — diets and forced exercise do not work. Create healthy habits, not restrictions.
  19. Get support and find friends who are going on this journey too.
  20. The overall message here was "never give up," and they agreed with Lacey who said, "Just because your willpower wanes for a minute, it doesn't mean the whole day is a wash. Start over and don't get down on yourself." Tomorrow is a new day for a fresh start.
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