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Breast Cancer Mastectomy Tattoos

This Organization Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Heal in the Most Badass Way Possible

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Tattoos

If you or a loved one has ever been affected by breast cancer, founder Noel Franus's words will ring true. "The entire cancer journey is one of giving up control," he said. "You give up control when you're diagnosed. You give up control to your doctor and other healthcare practitioners. There's a whole lot of people who you have to essentially surrender to." Noel, who's sister-in-law is a breast cancer survivor, sought to help other breast cancer patients regain some of that control in a very meaningful way. His organization (short for Personal Ink) helps connect mastectomy patients with highly skilled tattoo artists around the world to help them turn scars into art and painful memories into badges of survival. works only with "exceptionally talented" tattoo artists who have worked with radiation-exposed skin who also "have really good bedside manner," Noel said, in order to "give survivors an opportunity to take back control for the first time since diagnosis, often."

On Oct. 10, the organization is staging its annual Day, where 45 artists in 13 locations will provide complimentary mastectomy tattoos to lucky survivors. The day, which includes other surprises, is all about being "the most beautiful, inspiring, disruptively creative way we can think of making a great day for [survivors] that goes beyond just a tattoo," Noel said. So far, the organization has had a direct hand in 100 tattoos and helped connect thousands more to tattoo artists, and Noel hopes to continue to be able to provide services to interested breast cancer survivors. See a little bit of's inspiring work here, then check's website to learn more or to donate.

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