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Brie Larson Rock Climbing

Watch Brie Larson Defy Gravity With Her Intense Rock-Climbing Workout

Just in case you were wondering, I constantly refresh Brie Larson's Instagram feed, waiting for her to post her latest workouts. She trained insanely hard for Captain Marvel (is it March yet?!), and even though filming is over, she hasn't ceased to amaze me with her workouts. First it was push-ups with weighted chains, then 400-pound hip thrusts, and now it's her rock-climbing skills.

In the video Brie shared on Instagram, she's seen bouldering, which is harder than standard rock climbing because you don't use a harness or safety ropes. She starts climbing a vertical wall, goes upside down (jokingly calling this her "self-tape for the role of Spider-Man"), and then comes back down vertically on the other side.

Her trainer Jason Walsh's commentary pretty much sums up everyone's thoughts: "Holy sh*t. Are you kidding me?"

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