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Cholos Try Kale Chips and Kombucha Video

Guys Trying Kombucha and Kale Chips For the First Time Is Hilariously on Point

Unless you live in Lulu, spend your free hours at SoulCycle, or reside in San Francisco, chances are you have no idea what kale chips and kombucha are. And even if you are a health nut, we'll wager that these foods were an acquired taste, which is why this video "Cholos Try Kale Chips & Kombucha" is a must watch. It basically nails what everyone probably thought when they were handed their first bag of crumbly kale chips and sour bottle of kombucha — except it's way funnier. The hilarious commentary includes things like "This looks like weed . . . you're trying to get me arrested" and one of our favorites, "It says 'organic and raw' — I'm organic and raw." Keep watching to see how the kombucha and kale chips fared, while we keep hoping that every food review could be this funny and honest.

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