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DIY Facial Spray to Reduce Redness

DIY Spray to Decrease Post-Workout Redness

In busy times, you go hard at the gym. Intense workouts pay off in impressive calorie burns, but they can also leave you red in the face. That lingering blush can make the transition from your fitness life to nightlife a little complicated. But we have a solution (and a cheap one at that): green tea. Our fix is not to sip the brew, but to mist it, once cooled, onto your flushed face since green tea can reduce redness. There are many high-priced cooling and anti-inflammatory serums and gels out there, but our hack is a DIY beauty project you can do on the cheap. Brew some green tea, let it cool, and pour into a small spray bottle. Stash the bottle in your gym bag, and spray your face on the way to shower and then once again after. Feel the cooling green tea take the red out, and pat yourself on the back for completing another tough workout.

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