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Family Does Acrobatics Together

This Family Puts the Fit in Fitness Once You See Their Acrobatic Moves

Here's a man that can really support his family

A family of four proves no workout is too tough for them to conquer. In a GIF posted by JakInTheBox, a dad lies on the grass while his wife pulls off a handstand scorpion (with their little girl on her back!). While most of us are struggling to do this on the yoga mat, the mom effortlessly lifts herself by balancing on her husband's knees. We've seen families working out together before and are always amazed by what little kids can do. These familes are definitely stronger and more flexible than we imagine. Just watch out for the little boy in the end when his father lifts him up. The kid doesn't miss a beat and even gives his sister a little pat on the head.

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