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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch 2017

Buckle Up, Fitbit Fans: The New Smartwatch Has All the Features You've Been Dreaming Of

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch 2017
Image Source: Fitbit

Today, Fitbit unveiled its latest and greatest addition to its wearable lineup to the public: the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is the crown jewel in the 2017 collection of the health-tech company's newest products, and just to cut to the chase — you're going to want it.

While we're seriously stoked on the brand's new headphones (more on that later), we'd be remiss to not dive head first right now into all the amazing features of the Ionic, which combines the best parts of the Fitbits of generations past with the Apple Watch . . . and then adds even more features you'll love.

We got a chance to preview the new watch and take it for a test spin last week so we could give you the scoop on all the exciting, wellness-specific components that health junkies and fitness fanatics will totally geek out over (Starbucks card and four-day battery life included). It won't be available until October, but check out all the reasons you're going to want one ASAP.

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