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5 Things to Do TODAY to Be Healthy, According to Harley Pasternak

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has whipped tons of A-list stars into shape, including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Jessica Simpson. And while it may seem like these celebs undergo rigorous workouts and live a strict lifestyle to stay red-carpet-ready, sometimes getting in shape and staying healthy is all about going back to basics.

Harley revealed on his Instagram the five simple steps you need to do every day to stay fit and healthy. No, it doesn't involve running on the treadmill for an hour or doing 100 burpees. His checklist is actually quite simple: Get at least 10,000 steps, sleep at least seven hours every night, eat five meals a day with protein and fiber, unplug for an hour, and do at least five minutes of resistance exercise.

This simple report card emphasizes a well-rounded lifestyle approach to staying healthy, including a mix of eating well, moving your body, reducing stress, and getting plenty of sleep. Just five minutes of resistance exercise every day may seem like nothing, but it's a tip he gives to even his most high-profile clients, including Ariana Grande.

"Getting in great shape is simple," Harley wrote on his Instagram caption. "There are five habits you need to do every day. Do you do them?" Many people are overwhelmed at the idea of getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle, but Harley proves it's all about making these simple, sustainable changes every day that will transform your overall health.

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