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Haus Low-Sugar and Low-Alcohol Apéritif

This 100% Natural Alcohol Is Exactly What You Need If You're Tired of Hangovers

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Natural alcohol may sound a little suspicious, but it could be the secret to preventing those dreaded hangovers. If you enjoy hanging out and catching up over drinks but hate the pounding headache, grogginess, and nausea that pursue the next day, you might want to trade in the bottom-shelf liquor for something all-natural.

Haus Citrus and Flowers ($70 for two 750mL bottles) is an all-natural, low-sugar apéritif (we already feel more mature and fancier) made with 15 percent alcohol per bottle (approximately a third of whiskey, gin, or tequila) "for more hangouts, and less hangovers," according to the Haus website.

Made from Chardonnay grapes, elderflower, lemon, grapefruit, hibiscus, cinnamon, and raw cane sugar, your taste buds will awaken. You can have Haus as is, mix it with club soda or Prosecco, or create your own specialty cocktail.


As if avoiding hangovers wasn't enough, Haus is shipped directly to you, which means you can save the money that would go toward tipping the bartender for something special. Haus is all-natural but it doesn't have an expiration date, so you can savor it for as long as you'd like. But, we have a feeling it won't last too long.

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Haus Low-Sugar and Low-Alcohol Apéritif
Haus Citrus and Flowers
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