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Heart-Pumping Workouts

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We partnered with Spotify on this post that pairs working up a good sweat with the perfect tunes to keep you going. And what's better than a workout you actually enjoy?

Get up and get moving with high-intensity workouts that sweat the pounds off. And these heart-pumping intervals and Tabata sessions get your body in the shape you want, most in only 10 minutes, which means you have no excuse for not working out. Add to that our motivational playlist, and you'll find it's hard not to shake your booty. Check out our favorite crankin' workouts and then hit play.

Get It Started

  • Print it out: Not sure where to begin? Print out this no-equipment cardio workout that will get you started right.
  • Quick burn: You only need seven minutes to HIIT yourself into high gear with this motivational printout workout. And this is another heart-pumping session you can do anywhere.
  • Total Tabata: Crank out a fast workout with these Tabata interval suggestions that you can do while listening to your favorite dance tunes. Just push yourself to go faster with each round.
  • Burn it: Check out these 10 exercises that burn 200 calories in under three minutes, which just seems way too good to be true.

Take It Further

  • Jump it up: Tabata is where it's at for really working your body. And with this 10-minute allover workout, you'll love the results — and the burn.

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  • Groovy fun: Filled with fun moves that get you sweating — and feeling great — this 10-minute HIIT workout burns through fat (and jiggles!) fast.
  • Arms and tush: Squat and push-up your way through a 10-minute Tabata workout that gets your heart pumping while working your trouble zones.
  • Party on: Get your groove on with a 10-minute cardio workout that's fun and burns fat.
  • Dance it off: Zumba your way to skinnier hips with a 10-minute dance workout that will leave you smiling — and feeling better about your middle.

Heart-Pumping Good

  • Three ways: There are so many ways you can torch more calories with your usual workout, so check out these three ways to start getting more burn in 20 minutes.
  • Run it off: If you're a runner, you can take your regular heart-pumping workout to the next level with high-intensity intervals you can do on your outdoor route or on the treadmill.
  • Calorie meltdown: Really torch calories with a 60-minute high-intensity workout that combines treadmill bursts with strength work.
  • Crank it: Print out this 45-minute interval treadmill workout that will leave you breathless and feeling fabulous.

The Perfect Heart-Pumping Playlist

Need a bit of motivation? Just click play on our 60-minute Spotify playlist that's filled with heart-pumping tunes all about getting up and moving your body. We dare you to not dance.

  1. "Carry Out" — Timberland featuring Justin Timberlake
  2. "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" — Usher featuring Pitbull
  3. "Just Dance" — Lady Gaga
  4. "Canned Heat" — Jamiroquai
  5. "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" — Will Smith
  6. "One More Time" — Daft Punk
  7. "Papi" — Jennifer Lopez
  8. "Hips Don't Lie" — Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean
  9. "Get Me Bodied" — Beyoncé
  10. "Sweet Nothing" — Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch
  11. "Shut Up and Let Me Go" — The Ting Tings
  12. "Rock This Party" — The Fuzztroniks
  13. "Shake, Break, Bounce" — The Chemical Brothers
  14. "Wonderful Night" — Fatboy Slim
  15. "Last Night" — The Strokes
  16. "January" — Disclosure