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How to Avoid Gaining Weight in College

What You Need to Know to Avoid College Weight Gain

Starting a new school year can be really stressful. Along with that stress comes sleepless nights, breakouts, and even weight gain. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how you can keep your schedule and body feeling regulated in this post originally featured on Fitness Fashionista.

Summer is coming to a close and many are heading off to college so I thought it would be great to help you all start the school year off right.

I know a thing or two about college and weight gain. I have spent the last 8 years in college. Just last year I wrapped up my college career. After 8 years I had 2 degrees and some extra pounds to go along with them.

School and school schedules can be chaotic and hectic. You are trying to balance studies, social life, extracurriculars and your health.

1. Create a schedule — You have your syllabus in hand now sit down and create a solid schedule. Write your class schedule, assignment due dates, and test in planner.

Once you do that fill in the rest of your schedule with dedicated study time, exercise classes, meals and social time.

This will help you maximize your time and fit everything into your busy schedule.

2. Get an app — Your schedule may be jammed pack and fitting in exercise can be difficult. There are some amazing apps that will help you squeeze in a quick workout between classes. Try Quick Fit, 7 Minute Workout, and Sworkit.

3. Track Your Calories — Knowing what you are putting into your body is important. If you have a clear picture of what you are eating it will make it easier to stay on track. Try MyFitnessPal.

4. Snack Healthy — You may be up all night studying and cramming for you next big exam but don't reach for those cookies, chips and energy drink. You will do better in school if you eat healthy even when it comes to snacking.

Instead of reaching for a processed snack create your own fruit cups and healthy snack packs. If you have them already prepped it makes it easy to grab them and go.

5. Get Involved — Being active on your campus can be a great way to avoid unwanted weight gain. Join active organizations and groups on your campus. Many campus organizations get together to do fun events as well as community service. All of these can help you to stay active while getting to be social and meet new friends.

6. Get Your Beauty Rest — You may be thinking easier said than done. Believe me I have been there and I thought the same thing. Lack of sleep cost me quite a bit. I spent quite a bit of time sick.

Sleep is when your body repairs and renews itself. By creating a schedule and sticking to it you should be able to stick to a routine that allows for plenty of sleep.

However during high stress times like finals you may find sleep hard to come by so try the bedtime calculator to maximize the little bit of time you may have to sleep.

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