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How to Commit to New Year's Resolutions

Don't Give Up! 11 Tips to Make Healthy Resolutions Stick

Have you committed to Get Fit in 2014 and make your health a priority? Make sure your healthy resolutions (and best intentions) stick with these 11 tried-and-true tips to keep you on track and help you reach your goals.

  1. Leave out motivational notes: Hang an inspirational poster on your wall, or stick a Post-it note with your favorite quote on a mirror. When you find yourself feeling frustrated, look to these words for motivation and let them serve as your mantra.
  2. Pay for workouts in advance: Once you've handed over your hard-earned money, it's much harder to bail from a workout class. Make a point to sign up online whenever possible to ensure you hit up your workout as planned.
  3. Plan out meals: Anyone used to making breakfast, lunch, and dinner a game-time decision needs to change those habits ASAP. Grocery shopping with a plan and prepping meals ahead of time are essential to make sure you don't fall off your healthy wagon.
  4. Get friends on board: Even the most independent woman can benefit from a support system. Find family, friends, or co-workers who are on a similar track and will help hold you accountable. This can truly make all the difference.
  5. Make your own sunshine: Don't let the cold weather get you down. Suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression-like symptoms that start in the Fall and continue through the Winter months, is a real problem. But when you're feeling down, it's important to remember that regular exercise and healthy choices will work to combat those emotions.
  6. Don't wait: If you're ready to make a real change, don't say you'll start tomorrow. The time is now. When you're feeling inspired, grab an extra glass of water, reach for a healthy lunch, or head out for a run. Little changes add up.
  7. Be creative: When the weather turns, it can be hard to motivate yourself to head outside for a workout. Have a fresh, fun workout DVD on hand, or try this equipment-free circuit workout to make sure you don't skip out on your schedule.
  8. Don't dwell on slipups: Remember that you're human and you're going to make mistakes along the way. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself and not let one unhealthy decision take you on a downward spiral. Just keep your eye on the prize.
  9. Watch your progress: Hold yourself accountable with technology! Whether you share your workouts and meals on a site like MyFitnessPal or rock a new fitness tracker, there's a real sense of accomplishment from looking back and celebrating how far you've come.
  10. Keep healthy snacks on hand: There's no reason to feel deprived or hungry at any point of your day. Keep nonperishable snacks handy in your desk drawer and your purse for when you need them. Here are some of our favorite healthy store-bought snacks.
  11. Reward yourself: It's essential to make your healthy resolutions (lifestyle changes) feel sustainable. Make time for fun with friends, and allow for occasional indulgences. It's the only way to make sure your best intentions don't fade over time!

How are you making sure your healthy resolution sticks this year? Tell us below!

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