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How to Use Kegel Balls

Need a Bit of Extra Spice in the Bedroom? Let Us Introduce You to Kegel Balls

Kegel balls. You've probably heard of them (they are also called Ben Wa balls), but you may either be afraid of them or unaware of how they can bring new life to your bedroom. Trust me, I was afraid of them, too, until recently — even though I'm no stranger to sex toys and um, other, adventurous bedroom tactics — and now I'm here to tell you otherwise.

Developed to help strengthen the walls of the vagina as well as those of the pelvic floor, many women do Kegels without props to help with other issues, like urinary incontinence. However, these little exercises plus the addition of props can seriously increase arousal.

Kegel balls are body-safe hollow balls with tiny weights inside of them that are inserted into the vagina and left there. Once they're resting inside of you, the weights will bounce around, and the Kegel muscle will involuntarily contract as a result of this movement. While it may sound uncomfortable, you can't really feel them after awhile, but when you do, it's both a surprise and delight. The constant contractions from using them on a regular basis will keep your vaginal walls tight, making for a better fit for both you and your partner (imagine being able to squeeze and contract around his member longer and harder than you already do!) and a more intense orgasm.

Thinking about using Kegel balls? Here are a few things you should know.

How to Insert Them

Eventually, you'll be a pro at getting them in, but to start, you should insert them laying down, and if you're a bit dry, you will want to use a lubricant or stimulate yourself a bit in order to get them in comfortably. Otherwise, insert the way you would a tampon. Also, no worries, some of them have a string so you don't have to worry about them getting lost up there, and getting them out will be pretty easy, too. But they can't go further than the cervix, so if you feel as if they are "stuck," just take a moment, relax and eventually they'll find their way out, no emergency room visit needed. (Unless you put them in your anal cavity — which you should not!)

What Material You Should Get

Like sex toys, Kegel balls come in a variety of materials like metal, glass, and silicone. Make sure to get ones that are made of materials you are comfortable with and ones that are medically safe for you. Also, look for nonporous materials, and stay away from braided strings — they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

What Size/Weight Is Best

Kegel balls come in a variety of weights and sizes, including single balls for shallow vaginas and even specific ones for postpregnancy. The best thing to do is use trial and error to see what feels comfortable for you as far as the size of them. However, keep in mind that the heavier the weight, the stronger your vaginal walls have to be to keep them in. So, starting from the lightest weight and then working your way through the set is probably your best bet. Lelo's LUNA beads come with several options, so if you're just dabbling into Kegel balls, they are a good way to start.

How You Should Use Them

Start by wearing them for only a few minutes at a time and contracting. Like anything new, you will have to work up a tolerance and get used to them. Eventually, you can wear them around during the day and for as long as you want. However, make sure to give them a good cleaning before and after use. If you are wearing them every day, you don't have to do the exercises (squeezing) part. Just let your muscles do what they want.

Yes, You Can Use Them During Sex, Too

Until you're really comfortable using them, I'm not sure jumping into this is the best idea. However, yes, you can use Kegel balls during sex, but it has to be one of those sweet, slow nights. If he's pounding you because that's the energy that's all up in your bedroom, it's going to end up being pretty uncomfortable. So, after inserting the balls, make sure your man penetrates you slowly in your favorite position. The motion will end up moving the balls around, giving you a pretty awesome sensation (YEP.) and will feel pretty good for him too (or so I've been told . . . ).

TIP: While you can use two smaller balls, I prefer one larger ball during intercourse. It's just my preference. But I would definitely recommend figuring out what works for you.

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