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Iskra Lawrence Thigh Gap Photo

This Model Shuts Down the Thigh-Gap Debate With 1 Photo

It's time to put the thigh-gap debate to rest, because a model killed it with one photo. Iskra Lawrence shared a before-and-after Instagram selfie showing "no thigh gap" and then "thigh gap" to urge her fans that all is not what it seems on social media.

"I'll be the first one to tell you pics are all about good [lighting] and angles," she wrote.

Indeed, this is true, because the model easily makes her thighs appear to touch and then not touch. This isn't the first time Iskra has spoken out about body image and sent positive vibes to her followers. When an Instagram user called the model a "fat cow," she responded with a photo of her body covered in snacks, along with the kickass caption, "This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT."

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