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Ronda Rousey Perfect Never Reebok Commercial

Ronda Rousey Stuns Us in Her #PerfectNever Reebok Campaign

Powerhouse Ronda Rousey knows a thing or two about striving for perfection; Ronda's once-undefeated UFC record in 2015 came to a devastating end with a shocking knockout last November. She opened up to Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year about how much that affected her, showing fans everywhere her vulnerable side. And now, she's owning her imperfections in all forms as part of the #PerfectNever/#BeMoreHuman campaign with Reebok.

In terms of having "the perfect body," Ronda has been silencing body-shamers for a long time and once referred to her build as "femininely badass af." She's more relatable than ever in this clip as she strips off false eyelashes and pulls out hair extensions from what appears to be a glamorous photo shoot while walking toward the gym floor.

"Here's the thing about being perfect," alluding to her athletic past, wiping off lipstick to wrap her hands. "Perfect never gets a shot at redemption."

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