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Snooki's Workout Video and New Book

Get a Glimpse Into Snooki's Lifestyle Turnaround — Her Workout Is Tougher Than You Think

You may remember Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from MTV gem Jersey Shore, but probably not in the same way she is today. The little "meatball" swapped out her signature leopard print, slippers, and a giant hair pouf for activewear and a headband and has made a total lifestyle turnaround since the fist-pumping era. "My life is crazy, so I try to hit the gym as much as possible. No more Jersey Shore days anymore," she said in the Women's Health video above. The video features Nicole and her trainer demonstrating full-body-working moves, and you'll be surprised at how intense her workout is. Not to mention how amazing she looks — especially as a mother of two! Her trainer notes how Nicole worked her way up to her current fitness level, "I was 50 pounds overweight [when I started working out]. I couldn't even lift a five-pound dumbbell." Clearly, Nicole's living by the famed "gym, tan, laundry" mantra — with more emphasis on the gym part — more than ever.

Nicole discusses her physical and lifestyle transformation in her fifth and newest book, Strong Is the New Sexy, which has just been released. The memoir details how the reality-star-turned-retail-mogul put her party days behind for a better and healthier life as a wife and mother.

Who would have guessed while watching Snooki's wild nights on screen that we'd be inspired by her six years later? Her positive turn despite the brutal criticism she continues to face is impressive, and we warmly welcome this new-and-improved Nicole. You go, girl!

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