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Healthy Eating Tips
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Where to Eat to Lose Weight

Where to Eat to Lose Weight Faster

Of course what and how much you eat is key if you're looking to drop pounds, but where you eat can also be key. Eating in the wrong places can actually make you consume more or encourage you to snack on things you normally wouldn't. When you enjoy meals and snacks, make sure it's in one of these places.

In Public

When people eat alone, they tend to let go and may end up eating three times more than they normally would. If weight loss is your goal, try to eat in front of at least one other person. Even if you're alone, go out to eat at places such as at cafe, on a park bench, or at a coffee shop where other people are around. When you eat in public, it makes you conscious and accountable for what you put in your mouth, so you're less likely to overeat or eat foods you normally wouldn't.

At the Kitchen Table

We've all been there — standing in front of an open fridge or cupboard, inhaling spoonfuls of ice cream, grabbing handfuls of chocolate chips, and gulping straight out of the OJ container. You're more likely to consume extra calories because you're not measuring out portions. Eat at the kitchen table (or at the breakfast counter top) instead. Prepare a meal or snack, and sit down so you can slowly savor each bite. Seeing the food on the plate in front of you will allow your brain to register how much you're eating, so once you're finished, you'll feel satiated.


In the Break Room at Work

Your schedule is hectic and you're lucky enough to even remember to eat. But when you munch in front of your computer, you're so busy working that you're not paying attention to how much you're eating, and before you know it, your plate is empty and you hardly remember taking any bites. Pull away from your computer screen, even if it's for only 10 minutes, and head to the office break room. It'll not only give your eyes and brain a rest, but it's doubly good for weight loss since there are other people around and you're sitting down to really enjoy your meal.

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Heidi15432679 Heidi15432679 3 years
Am I the only person who finds it extremely odd that most of the healthy living/eating pages on this site are sponsored by a pasta company? o.0
rose333 rose333 5 years
it's true if I eat around people in lunch room any where yes I would eat less, like if I started my diet oven again. the bad part is,its hard alone to lose weight, since I dont have will power at home, I had been eating more likely,the wrong food such as more sweet. I had try to stay out from my house more offen, to keep my mine busy going to thrift shop or talking to my friends, my grandson and my daughter and my self share in cooking, but does not help much,and espcially doing my crafts, its to close to the kitichen ariea, and I cant aford a workshop, to stay away from my home, the true is, eat out and stay out as much as you can, till you get on the right track. once you can get control of your diet, it gets easy, I lose once before kept off for 10 years, from joining weight watcher, the problems was moving, far from stores make it dfficult to get around the arieas. so I wind up eating everything I see. I have to start to teaching my self, control and pick up and start over,this time for my health. my sister gigi and I runner a program ones week, also my sister runner web site and we do need your suport,to help others, thanks to share this with me ok bye,
moftasa moftasa 5 years
Great Article! You can download the best weight loss book "Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle" by Tom Venuto for FREE here:
KeLynns KeLynns 5 years
Interesting - I think I actually tend to eat much more in public. It sounds dumb but I tend to feel self-conscious about how small my meals are so I eat more to seem "normal" or not diet-minded and therefore not high maintenance.
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