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Who Is Vincent Zhou?

Get to Know Team USA's Youngest Olympic Figure Skater, Vincent Zhou

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Once afraid of the ice (well, just his first time), this 17-year-old Olympic figure skater is ready to take on the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, as the youngest member of Team USA.

So, who is Vincent Zhou? Check out these interesting facts about him.

He Uses Memes to Calm Down

Once upon a time, Vincent said that he used to tell himself a "Knock, Knock" joke before getting on the ice. Now, he says that a good meme is all it takes to calm his nerves.

He's a Cat Person . . . and Maybe a Jersey Shore Fan?

Vincent has a tabby cat that he proudly shows off on his Instagram account with sweet captions like, "Relationship status: taken." But, plot twist: the cat's name is Snooki. Maybe as in Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. As in Jersey Shore. We see what you did there.

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He's Got Brain Power

Not only is he a talented skater, but Vincent's also pretty smart. He attended Capistrano Connections Academy and was actually able to skip a few grades. In 2013, he was taking classes on a ninth-grade level when he should have been in seventh grade.

He's Not Afraid to Take Risks

In late 2017, Vincent decided that his "Romeo + Juliet" routine wasn't working for him anymore. So, he and his coach decided to shake things up and developed a new program to show off his skating chops, set to "Moulin Rouge." However, they needed to pull the program together in a matter of weeks in order to make it work for qualifying events.

He Lives in Two Places

While he's training, Vincent splits his time between California and Colorado. He moved to Colorado after an injury to train with Tom Zakrajsek and Becky Calvin as his new coaches, and he made his return to the ice in 2015 at the Santa Fe Skatefest.

He's Living the American Dream (Literally)

Vincent's parents came to the United States from China. His mother, a computer scientist, gave up her job to ensure Vincent was getting the best training and education. Vincent's sister isn't a slacker, either — she's a talented violinist.

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President Barack Obama Gave Him an Award

A talented student as well as skater, he was the recipient of the Presidential Award For Educational Excellence from President Obama.

To learn more, visit Team USA. The Winter Olympics will air live beginning Feb. 8.

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