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Healthy Eating Tips
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Why Too Much Intense Exercise Is Bad

Why High-Intensity Workouts Can Be Dangerous

High-intensity exercise is the key to shedding belly fat, lowering disease risk, and blasting through calories, but too much is definitely not a good thing. In fact, too much intense exercise can actually put you at risk for major health factors, according to two recent studies.

One study looked at the effects of too much intense exercise on later heart health and found that men who exercised intensely for more than five hours a week at age 30 had a 49 percent higher risk of developing irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation (which can lead to stroke) by the time they were 60. Another study found that for people with preexisting heart conditions, intense exercise led to an elevated risk of heart attack or stroke.

While both these and countless other studies have proven that a normal amount of exercise can help improve your health, the findings are important, especially if you've ever felt like you're consistently exercising too hard. While high-intensity workouts are great for losing weight, remember to add steady, moderate exercise and rest days into your schedule for better health — now and in the future.

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Oilers14990498 Oilers14990498 2 years

Lol I love how if you read enough fitness articles on this site (and other similar sites), you go full circle and everything ends up becoming a contradiction. One day, high intensity exercise is the way to go, and now you actually need to be really careful (but keep it to the seemingly random figure of 5 hrs a week!) or you'll die. Wtf. What exactly are people supposed to believe? It's a good thing I take everything I read with a grain of salt.

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