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Why You Don't Need Weigh-ins

This Comparison Photo Is Proof That the Number on the Scale Doesn't Mean Sh*t

It's easy to to get caught up over weight when our perception of beauty and health is constantly being distorted by the media. As a result, being healthy has become synonymous with one thing โ€” how much you weigh. While weight loss can be a great motivator for getting into shape, it isn't the sole determining factor to being healthy.

NASM certified personal trainer Sia Cooper took to Instagram to explain why the numbers on your scale don't mean sh*t. The side-by-side comparison leads you to believe that Cooper had lost a tremendous amount of weight, but it turns out she weighed exactly 130 pounds in both images. She writes in her caption, "I have more muscle tone in the right and I'm fluffier on the left .. yet.. the numbers are the same" proving that you should take the weight on your scale with a grain of salt.

Cooper's advice for those on a fitness journey is to focus on tangible results like body measurements, because they'll give you a "truer representation of how you're doing in your fitness journey." It's time to throw your scale away and focus on the more important things โ€” like how you look and feel.

Image Source: Sia Cooper
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