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Woman Stops "Punishing" Herself | Instagram

If You Struggle With Your Weight and Have a Daughter, This Before-and-After Is a Must-See

Carina doesn't think there was anything wrong with how she looked in the picture on the left at 29 years old. She says, "What's hard to capture in a photo is the state of mind in each photo," admitting she had a very unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. "I would oscillate between bingeing and then cutting my calories drastically to try and punish myself for over eating. 'Punishment' captures my whole attitude at the time. I would punish my body with some exercise after bingeing and then punish myself by eating less."

The unhealthy lifestyle continued, leaving her feeling very unhappy, and "It also scared me that my little girl would grow up watching that cycle of disordered eating and self loathing. So I had to make a change for me first, but also for her."

Fast-forward three years and Carina says, "In contrast, my state of mind now is about nourishment, personal growth, health and happiness." She says, "I feed my body what it needs to thrive and function well. Food isn't the enemy anymore. And I don't exercise to punish myself either." She exercises because it makes her happy and gives her the energy to enjoy and take care of her family.

She didn't post these photos to prove that you "can only be happy if you achieve a certain physique." Carina says, "The changes to my physique were just a by product of me adopting a much healthier lifestyle and improving my mindset. And yes while there's no denying it feels good to look fit, happiness actually comes from having a healthier body AND a healthier mind, not how I look ❤️"

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