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While These Transformation Photos Are Worth the Look, This Is What Lucy Wants You to Know

Can you hear me slow clapping over here, piercing my lips, and nodding my head in agreement? Hell yes! This Instagram post from Lucy is spot on. She captions the above transformation photos: "Too fat. Too skinny. Too tall. Too short. Too quiet. Too loud. Too clingy. Too distant. Too strict. Too lenient. Always TOO fricken something."

Someone always has something to say, right? Lucy says she has wasted so much of her life trying to change who she is to make someone else happy. "But guess who was never happy?! ME!" You can't please everyone, and Lucy goes on, saying, "They say if you can't beat em, join them, right?!? So now I'm TOO damn happy in my own skin to give a sh*t what the 'someones' think."

How about we take a cue from Lucy, huh? Yes. Just do your thing. Live your life. Do what makes you happy and feel good. Don't concern yourself with the someone's of the world who bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself. Surround yourself with those who lift you up and enjoy feeling strong and confident and awesome crushing it at just being your amazing self.

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