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Women Do Partner Tumbling Trick

Watching 2 Women Do This Insane Partner Tumbling Trick Will Make You Scream "HOW?!"

We're all for a fun partner workout session, but two women just upped the ante by flawlessly nailing one of the most challenging ones we've ever seen — with graceful ease, at that.

Meagan Martin and Jeri D'Aurelio, two former American Ninja Warrior contestants, teamed up for an insane-looking, gravity-defying partner move that will make your jaw hit the floor faster than you can say, "Wait, what?!" After being challenged by Australian gymnast Olivia Vivian, the two women intertwined bodies for a joint tumbling trick that resembles that crazy chair traverse challenge that rock climbers are obsessed with — except with a human instead of a chair! It looks like it took a whole lot of balance and trust . . . oh, and some crazy-strong core and arm muscles, too.

If you're in need of a new fitness goal to reach by the end of 2017, maybe this tough move is something you and a pal can work toward. And we've got the perfect partner strength-training exercises to get you there!

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