I Just Found My Favorite Running Shoes For Orangetheory, and They're Cute as Hell

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You know I'm a fan of mixed-format treadmill classes. I'm loyal to Orangetheory Fitness, but also like to mix it up with a Barry's Bootcamp or SLT Tread class here and there. The problem with these classes is finding a shoe that can power you through the treadmill portion while also keeping your feet steady during the weightlifting blocks.

In the years I've been a fitness editor, I've gotten to try plenty of sneakers. And while I tend to stick to the tried-and-true running shoes I got fitted for at a running speciality shop for my half marathon to power me on the tread, I was pumped when Adidas sent me a pair of their Ultraboost 20 Shoes ($126, previously $180). I had heard good things about the Ultraboosts, and always thought they looked chic and stylish on my friends who rocked older versions of the sneaker. It wasn't until I put them to the test that I really got the hype.

Ultraboosts have plenty of cushion that make you feel like you're walking and running on clouds, but they're not too bulky that they'll interfere with the weightlifting portion of your class. And while they're running shoes, they're not ideal for longer distances. Instead, the 25-to-30-minute portions on the treadmill during mixed-format classes (where I log around 2-to-3 miles) is the perfect distance for theses sneakers. Your feet still feel supported, yet comfortable.

They're on sale right now at Adidas, so make sure you grab a pair before they sell out. I have the Dash Grey/Grey Three/Boost Blue Violet Metallic colorway (pictured), which I love, but they also come in 13 other color schemes. And if running on the treadmill isn't your jam, they're so comfy, they'll be your go-to shoes for walking around and running errands. Looking cool while doing it is certainly a bonus.