This Adorable Llama Yoga 2020 Calendar Will Have You Saying "Llamaste" All Year Long

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Cute animals plus yoga is a combination made in heaven, as far as we're concerned, which is probably why we're both laughing at and loving this adorable Llama Yoga 2020 Calendar ($10). Yep, you heard that right: all your favorite poses from yoga class, all demoed by everyone's favorite furry pack animal.

I mean, just flip through this thing. We've got a llama doing Upward-Facing Dog. There's a llama stretching out its hamstrings in Seated Straddle. One llama is even testing its balance in a challenging Warrior 3. (I'm 90 percent sure these llamas are better at yoga than I am.)

If you know someone who loves yoga, llamas, or just animals doing funny stuff, you can't go wrong with this useful, adorable, and hilarious gift they'll use all year long. Bonus: it's an 18-month calendar, so if they're really eager, they can even put it up for the last month of the year. Grab a copy to bring a smile to the face of the yogi and animal-lover in your life. Or if llamas aren't their thing, go for an option like the Unicorn Yoga 2020 Calendar ($12) or the ever-popular Sloth Yoga 2020 Calendar ($10), all available on Amazon.