Alex Morgan, 7 Months Pregnant, Hypes Up the USWNT on Twitter Like the Supportive Queen She Is

Alex Morgan is currently seven months pregnant and taking time off from the US Women's National Soccer Team, but of course that's not stopping her from being the most supportive teammate around.

The team recently competed in — and won — the Concacaf Olympic Qualifying tournament, securing their spot at the 2020 Summer Olympics and locking down a first-place trophy in the process. Alex, who helped lead the US to their 2019 World Cup victory, took to Twitter to hype up the team and live-tweet highlights of their five dominant victories. She even visited the team in person when the tournament brought them to LA, and teammate-slash-BFF Kelley O'Hara was extremely pumped about it.

Check out Alex's favorite moments from the qualifying tournament ahead, including poking fun at Kelley's swing-and-a-miss attempt at a cross and suggesting a nickname change for midfielder Lindsey Horan. Wondering whether Alex herself will be returning for the Olympics? That's her current plan, and she's getting in some training sessions to stay fresh. If anyone can do it, it's Alex Morgan.

Alex Gets the Team Hyped Up For Game 1

LFG = "let's f*cking go," aka the USWNT's rallying cry. You'll need this information later on.

She Knows That True Champs Score With 1 Shoe On

Forward Lynn Williams loses her shoe, keeps dribbling, serves up the perfect assist in game one against Haiti.

She Chimes in With Astute Observations

Seven goals into an 8-0 win over Panama, we feel like "very, very good" might be an understatement.

She Bestows the Best Nicknames

The Twitter thread continues with Lindsey's reply: "Can we get rid of both?", followed by Alex's conclusion: "you're too good at soccer and you score too many goals so, no."

She Has a Way With Words

This is the only acceptable caption for Christen Press's laser of a goal during the USWNT's win over Costa Rica.

She Knows a Swing and a Miss When She Sees One

Kelley O'Hara whiffed during the USWNT's win over Costa Rica, and Alex did not hesitate to share it with her four million followers.

She Hangs Out With Her Teammates Whenever Possible

Alex's cameo before the USWNT's game against Mexico made everyone's day.

She Gets as Nervous-Slash-Excited as We Do

Evidenced by the ten exclamation points in this tweet, before the USWNT took the field against Mexico.

She Knows When to Keep It Short and Simple

Qualified for the Olympics? Check. What's next? Reclaiming the gold, of course. #LFG