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Alex Morgan's Best Goals

Please Enjoy 10 of Alex Morgan's Most Incredible Goals, Because This Woman Is Invincible

Alex Morgan's Best Goals
Image Source: Getty / Quality Sport Images / Contributor

Alex Morgan is a bona fide soccer star with over 100 international goals to her name. Since 2010, she's played for five different professional teams and, with the US Women's National Soccer Team, has collected two World Cup trophies and an Olympic gold. We've watched her rise from the youngest American at the 2011 World Cup to a confident co-captain in the 2019 tournament, leading her team to the decisive final victory that cemented their status as the world's best.

When Alex takes control of the ball, the game changes: If she's not going for the goal herself, she's expertly passing the ball to teammates and crafting opportunities all around the field. Of course, the 30-year-old striker is more than just a soccer player: she's a role model, an actual model, an author, and one of Time's Most Influential People of 2019, to name a few. But she's also a brilliant goal-scorer, as evidenced by how difficult it was to distill all those international goals, plus the ones she's netted in her professional career, down to a double-digit list of her best.

Here, we present our 10 current favorites, from a winning stoppage-time goal in the 2012 Olympics to her most recent tea-sipping semi-final goal in the World Cup. Plus, a bunch of gorgeously creative, incredibly high-pressure scores in between. The most exciting part? She's not even close to being done.

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