Bella Hadid Celebrates 5 Months Alcohol-Free in Las Vegas

Bella Hadid is proving you don't need alcohol to have fun. The model, who already cofounded Kin Euphorics, a nonalcoholic-beverage company, is now opening up about celebrating five months alcohol-free. And she's doing it in style: by partying with her friends in Las Vegas.

On March 20, Hadid posted a TikTok of herself — wearing a dramatic cat eye, a plunging halter top, and her hair in curls — smiling with a friend in a casino. In the caption, she wrote, "5 months alcohol free."

Hadid shared a similar message on Instagram: "5mo 🚫 🍸🍾🍷🫡 #🥹."

The comments under both posts are flooded with supportive messages. "Yess let's normalize not drinking alcohol plz," one commenter on TikTok wrote. "So proud of you," another said, alongside the thumbs-up emoji.

The model, who was in Las Vegas in part to host the March 18 grand opening of restaurant and lounge Stanton Social Prime at Caesars Palace alongside Kin Euphorics, has spoken about stopping drinking before. "I have done my fair share of drinking. I loved alcohol and it got to the point where even I started to, you know, cancel nights out that I felt like I wouldn't be able to control myself," she told InStyle in January 2022. Hadid also said that her doctor showed her the effects alcohol was having on her brain — via actual brain scans. After that, it became "a lot harder to pick up the glass," she said.

She added that alcohol often led to hangxiety. "I don't feel the need because I know how it will affect me at 3 in the morning when I wake up with horrible anxiety thinking about that one thing I said five years ago when I graduated high school," she told InStyle. "There's just this never-ending effect of, essentially, you know, pain and stress over those few drinks that didn't really do much, you know?"

While it's not clear whether Hadid hopes to make her alcohol-free lifestyle a forever choice, she's far from alone. More and more people have embraced a sober-curious lifestyle — if not complete sobriety — and many of them rave about the same results Hadid boasts: less anxiety to start, plus better sleep and an overall improvement in health.

And one thing's for sure, from Hadid's social media posts since her announcement: you can definitely have a killer time in Vegas without drinking a drop.