Brie Larson Is Doing Weighted Push-Ups Now, and My Triceps Will Respectfully Decline

Brie Larson's upper-body strength is seriously impressive (see: her one-minute pull-up hold and that one time she casually pushed a 5,000-pound Jeep), and the Captain Marvel star just keeps wowing us with new moves. The exercise she posted today is a push-up variation made about ten times harder than usual, thanks to the addition of a weighted chain.

But you wouldn't know how tough the move is just by watching Larson bust out these 10 push-ups. You'll notice that she adopts a wider stance with her feet to provide more stability, and she also places a couple of blocks beneath her to ensure that she gets the full range out of every push-up. With her elbows close to her body, her back flat as a plank of wood, and the weighted chain around her waist, everything about this push-up variation is designed to make it as challenging and effective as possible. We'd expect nothing less from an avenger, after all. Check out Larson's push-up variation above!