Carrie Underwood Finishes Off Her Morning Workout by Crushing a TikTok Plank Challenge

Carrie Underwood joined TikTok less than a month ago and she's already crushing the app's fitness challenges. The singer recently rounded out her workout by following a plank routine from Kevin T. Edmonson Jr (aka — 'cause there's always time for core work, right?

"Well, this was a fun finisher to my workout this morning!!!" Underwood captioned the video, with the apt hashtag: #FitnessShouldBeFun. Although there's no telling exactly what went into the rest of her gym session, it's likely she spent some time lifting weights per her 2020 fitness resolution. Maybe she threw a few of her favorite leg exercises in there, too?

Watch the full video below to see Underwood and Edmonson in action. My abs are sore just watching them.