These Fitness Professionals Are Taking Their Workouts Digital With Live Sessions on Instagram

If you have no idea how to create an at-home workout or you're tired of doing the same routine over and over, fitness professionals are getting creative and taking their workouts digital by live streaming them on social media platforms like Instagram.

There's a workout for everyone — boxing, yoga, ballet, breathing classes, Spin, and strength training – so you're sure to find something you love. Check out the trainers ahead, and be sure to follow them so you can stay up to date with their Instagram Live sessions. Please consider asking these professionals if they're accepting donations for their teaching or if they're fundraising to support organizations that are providing aid during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ballet Classes by Patricia Zhou

Now's a great time to add new workouts into your weekly routine. If you've always wanted to learn ballet, we recommend trying professional dancer Patricia Zhou's Instagram ballet classes. She's currently teaching intermediate and advanced classes every day at 10 a.m. PT and beginner classes at 12:30 p.m. PT on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Strength, Mobility, and More With Joe Holder and Naomi Campbell

Joe Holder is giving you a little bit of everything — from strength to mobility work — every day at 12:30 p.m. ET with the one and only Naomi Campbell.


A Grounding Meditation and Movement Practice With Isabel

No matter how you're feeling, you can absolutely benefit from Isabel's live sessions. Be sure to check out her Instagram to find out when she's going live each week.


Abs, Conditioning, and Cycling With Akin

If you like boot-camp-style classes, ab-centric training, and cycling, you've got to check out Akin's workouts on his personal Instagram page and on the AArmy Instagram. Don't be surprised if celebs like Karlie Kloss are doing the workouts with you!


Breathing and Stretching Sessions With Jacqulyn

Taking time to focus on our breath and alleviate tension in our body is a must at all times. Jacqulyn is leading breath and stretch sessions on Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. PT in both English and Spanish.


High-Intensity Dance Workouts With Banana Skirt

If you love dancing or you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to learn how to dance, we recommend following Banana Skirt for high-intensity dance workouts.


Cycling With Angela Manuel-Davis

If you like cycling and you have access to a bike in your home, you've got to follow Angela's live streams. Not only will you get in a solid workout, but you'll also get a great message that will leave you feeling motivated to conquer your day.


Strength and Mobility Workouts With Wes

Focus on your strength with Wes's strength and mobility workouts that require minimal to no equipment.


All-Level-Friendly Bodyweight Workouts With Drea

No equipment? No problem. Drea will lead you through 45-minute workouts that will leave you feeling sore all over three times a week. Be sure to check out the various classes she's offering on her Instagram.


Full-Body HIIT Boxing With Erika

Learn how to box (and keep your strength up) with Erika's full-body HIIT boxing workouts.


Yoga and Meditation With Elisa

Move your body, calm your mind, and be present with yoga and meditation sessions from Elisa. She's teaching classes on a variety of platforms, so be sure to follow her to find out her weekly schedule.


Flow With Bee

If you want to get your body moving and feel more relaxed, check out Bee's yoga flows.