Every Major Retailer Offering Free Flu Shots This Fall, Because Yes, It's That Time Again

Here we go again: flu season arrives in October, and it's crucial that you get the flu shot if you're able to protect both yourself and those around you. Don't put it off, either — while it's better late than never, experts recommend getting vaccinated before the season begins, since the vaccine takes about two weeks to take effect. Fortunately, it's easy to get a flu shot, and at many places, it's free!

Getting a flu shot doesn't have to mean waiting for an appointment in congested waiting rooms at doctors' offices or urgent care clinics. There are plenty of major retailers that have in-store pharmacies that take most major medical insurance plans, leaving you with peace of mind and without a hefty bill. Keep reading for a list of all the places you can find a free flu shot this year. Just remember to check on any age restrictions before you head out!